Can two in the same house stream to the streamer?

Myself and my husband both have iPhones. We would both like to stream to the ND5SX2. I am already set up. How does he need to be setup? What has to happen for both of us to stream?

You can both access the streamer with the Naim app on different phones, but obviously that’s only one streamer so you won’t be playing two different tunes at the same time. The app itself can be loaded on as many devices as you want and each one will scan your network for available streamers.

A bit of a misconception here. You don’t stream from the 'phone to your Naim. Your phone acts as a remote control which instructs the Naim to connect to tne required service via the 'net.

If that is so why in Spotify on my device I have to select where it stream to ie my Naim, tv, soundbar etc.

You don’t stream from your phone in the Naim app. The Naim app just controls things. That is true for Spotify for example. Once the music is playing you could turn the phone off and the music will go on playing.

But you can stream from your phone in another app, like the Spotify app or the Qobuz app, using a Naim unit as an endpoint. Now if you turn off your phone, the music will stop.

It all depends on what you are wanting to do.

No it doesnt, I’ve just opened Spotify on my tablet selected some music, started playing it then a switched to the Naim . Stopped Spotify on tablet but music keeps playing on Naim!!!

I don’t use Spotify myself, but that’s probably using Spotify Connect, where the music streams from Spotify’s server to your endpoint. In any case you have just proved that Spotify doesn’t stream from your phone, which is what Simon said!

That was the case with Naim’s 1st gen streamers, but with 2nd gen models like the OP’s ND5XS2 you can have the app open on two devices with both at the same time.

I hope you’re not contemplating “streaming wars” where you each interrupt the other’s music . . .

While Naim allow 2 instances of the Naim app to be connected simultaneously, they do not represent that domestic tranquility is assured.

@Bart great post. My husband listens to the system way less than me, so I don’t see much opportunity for conflict. He listens on his iPhone and iPad for the most part.

I am still undecided about Tidal or Qobuz. We already have Apple Music. Maybe Apple Music is sufficient? Maybe we should also have Tidal or Qobuz?

Now that we are hard wired we have the ability to stream that we never had before. Because of the construction materials of our apartment, WiFi steaming to the stereo was never an option. This is a whole new world to us. Most of which I don’t understand.

Interesting. I didn’t go down the streaming route with Naim for various reasons but I’d not realised this isn’t possible. Certainly is with streamers from elsewhere.

The streaming services generally offer free trials when you sign up. I would just open accounts with both Tidal and Qobuz and use them for a while, then cancel one of them - or both if you prefer to stick with Apple.
Some like Tidal because you have the option to use it from within the Naim app or the Tidal app, whereas Qobuz has to be controlled from within the Naim app. Depending on your tastes in music you may find that there are some albums that are not available on one service or the other, although this is uncommon with mainstream music.

My favourite streaming service would be Spotify if only the sound quality was up to the standard of the competition. Their app is the best of the bunch, and their catalogue is huge. Many people seem happy with its sound quality, so maybe worth a try.

Ive subscribed to Qobuz for a couple of years now and I like how it seamlessly integrates with Naim and also Roon. I use Roon as my basic interface for streaming; it accesses my home server based collection of ripped cd’s as well as Qobuz. Because I pay for Qobuz, I don’t subscribe to Apple Music.


Since you have already have iPad (same on mac book or iMac), there is one further option with Qobuz and for that matter Tidal (for a bigger screen but does work on iphone).
You can log into either, directly via their own app. You may prefer their app for browsing and finding music, artists and playlists or creating your own playlist. An option exists to mark as a “favourite”.

Return to the Naim app and there, after a few moments, will appear your added favourite(s), under heading of artist, album, or playlist. If you subscribe to both, they will be mixed in the list, with a symbol denoting Tidal or Qobuz. (If it doesn’t, refresh Naim app by closing and reopening, usually does the trick). If you are trialling both, you can listen to one after the other if you place them in the Naim streamer queue via Naim’s app. Any difference you hear, which isn’t always the case, may well be down to which release or version you are listening to, which isn’t always easy to ascertain, unless it clearly states remaster.

As @ChrisSU says above, Qobuz can only be controlled (remote / control point) via Naim app.
Imho searching via Naim app to either streaming service, is not perhaps as easy as going to the dedicated app, so I use all three; ymmv.

I have tentatively decided on Qobuz. We are a two person household. Do we need a family plan or just a single account. I am SO CONFUSED.

If you make do with one account, which can be on more than one phone or iPad, you will only have one set of favourites - your choices for easy look up and which will, as I described, appear in the Naim app as well as be in the Qobuz app.
It will be a compromise unless you enjoy the same music favourites. It’s easy to over think this perhaps. Do the Qobuz trial and see how you get on.

  • Login first to the Qobuz app and start the free trial, select a couple of albums as favourites.

  • In the Naim app, switch on Qobuz, enter your details again, the favourites will appear from Qobuz.(you may need to just close the Naim app and reopen once you have logged into Qobuz)

If you can’t agree on music selections or favourites, then two accounts will likely be needed, remembering if you only have one streamer, only one selection can be playing at one time.
Enjoy the music!

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Do a 30 day free trial (they ask for payment info but you can cancel the subscription before the end of the trial) - I’d imagine the trial is ‘single user’ (duo/family didn’t exist when I signed up), and try the app on you and your husband’s devices to see if it gives you what you need. I think they’d happily ‘upgrade’ you from single user at any time with pro-rated credit for remaining time, but I don’t think you’d get a refund if you paid for a year and wanted to downgrade.

Might be worth a search for any trial offers too, as they have had some longer ones I believe.

@Alley_Cat Thsnks so much.

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