Can two stagelines be used on one Supernait?

I currently have a Supernait 1 with HiCap and a Stageline from one turntable which has been working for past years just great!

I want to add a second turntable with a Prefix. Can I do this with the current set up? Or maybe a second power supply is needed?

Thx in advance for the insight.

You could use the Hicap to power the prefix and then feed a signal into the SN. That would mean that the Hicap could no longer power the SN.

You could power one of them from the AUX2 socket and then the other one with the Hicap.

Richard, would this also mean the HC is no longer powering the Supernait?

Yes, the Hicap can only power one item at any time.

Ahh ok. I think I will plan to swap from one table to the other by having them alternately plugged into Aux 2. Can I do this safely with Mute button or should I power off Supernait/HiCap. I will not be doing it super often, maybe once or twice a week.

I would power down first. Powering off for a few minutes shouldn’t affect warm up adversely.

Thx. Now thinking I ‘just’ add a second Hicap for the prefix. Any excuse!

That would be best, yes.

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