Can UNITI2 drive B&W CDM9 NT "well"?

Dear NAIM Community,

since the turn of the century, we have a pair of B&W CDM9 NT speakers wired to a ROTEL RB990 power amp with Clockwork Audio tuning and a ROTEL RC-971 preamp. Sources are a SONY PS-X555ES turntable connected to a CREEK OBH-8 and a Pioneer PD-S 602 CD-Player, that is connected to a ROTEL RDP-980 D/A converter. We also have a SONY Playstation, a Technisat tv receiver/streamer and an APPLE TV connected to the D/A converter.

The whole chain sounds perfect in our ears. When I speak of “we” and “our”, I mean my wife an me. She loves the sound of the CDM9NT in particular.

Now, we are in the situation, that the CD-Player recently broke and has to be exchanged. Additionally, we would like to reduce components in order to gain some space in the living room.

Long story, short question:

Can anybody in the community say, from his/her experience, if the NAIM UNITY 2 could drive the B&W CDM9 NT?

My wife likes the bass reproduction of the CDM9NT, I like the mid-range, transparency and scene rendering of our current set-up and would like to have a little more “air” in the future.

I fell in love with the UNITY 2, because of the cool NAIMish CD section.
The UNITY2 could replace the Pre- and Power Amp, as well as the D/A converter and the CD-Player . I would keep the APPLE TV in order to receive AIRPLAY music.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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