Can we expect something new this winter?

The title says it all: we have seen a huge number of posts on firmware upgrades, network switches, the advantages and disadvantages of investing 20k instead of 10k to power the ND555 … nothing really new or exciting! Can we expect Naim to deliver something new, something interesting this winter?


What he said…

Another nope here.

Apart from an updated NAC-N 272 I’m really not sure there’s much need for any digital streamer upgrades for several years.

Suspect many would be more excited by unexpected non-digital innovations.

Why not? That would be very sad! A new cable, a little box, a new functionality in the app … it doesn’t need to be a groundbraking new product. Just something to get the feeling that things are moving on!

I would be fine with whatever innovation, be this digital or non-digital!

I suspect there are many things we’d like Naim to develop, it’s just a matter of whether or not they’d sell in numbers to make the venture profitable.

Aro II or even reintroducing Aro would be big for many of us vinyl lovers.

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Maybe software, even if its s fix, or a nice add on software wise. But new boxes with Christmas coming up, no Bristol show…my bet is next late Spring with no firm date in mind…thats what i would be planning. But what do i know …i can feel Clare feeling my collar lol😁


Hmmm … A software fix is not enough! Perhaps a new software or a small box or something to read: a manual, a roadmap, a white paper …

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I’ve heard from my dealer that there is going to be a big push of a new concept product line “Naim for Rudolph’s sleigh”. Apparently they have estimated how many units might be sold and coincidentally it came to 272, so potentially quite a bit more significant to Naim than Statement.

The draft press release I saw said “This is a high flying product with significant trickle down potential. There will be a lot of red noses in the UK HiFi industry when Christmas morning dawns noisily”


You are obviously party to inside information David.

I’ve heard that Linn are about to release the Blankit, so I really hope Naim owners don’t get left out. Maybe it will be the upcoming Cold Fraim for those early cucumbers. Or maybe a specially insulated Flat Cap.


Very droll!!

I’m sure something will be released next year.
Something I hope that will wow people in looks, connectivity and sound quality.
I recently had a demo of the Chord qutest with a Luxman L-505, so much detail, refinement and musicality compared to my Uniti Nova. (Yes I know the price difference).

Strange that quite a number of Hi-Fi shows and product presentations take place in spring. This is the time when people get out of their winter sleep and start to go biking, climbing, etc.

Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to present new products in automn and have customers order them for the winter season?

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Presented in spring, but often not actually available until autumn. Probably so people can buy then for the winter season.


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