Can you block members like in the old forum?


That is can I have a setting to not show posts from certain members?

I had 3 blocked in the old forum and found it a useful way of keeping my blood pressure in check.



I think there is a function in user settings for that.

Preferences > Notification > Muted Users


It appears that only blocks “notifications” not posts.



Ahhh… OK - let’s how the site develops.

By the way - have you discovered if there is an option to follow a user, like in the previous forum?


I don’t think you can. I just tried muting somebody but I could still see their posts.

One thing I am finding good though is the capability to mute complete topics. Useful in the padded cell where something doesn’t interest you. e.g. I am not interested in football so have muted that thread and then it doesn’t appear in the recent topics and main list etc.


That doesn’t appear to be possible either. So neither a forum for the sycophants or psychopaths :wink:



Hi, you can only mute at the moment. We will see if there is a way to introduce blocking at a later date. Many thanks

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