Can you connect male banana plugs to the female socket of a TRS jacks

Recently my Linn/NAIM system has been sounding awful: the high frequencies and midrange have disappeared, etc. I am using Linn KAN MKII speakers with NACA4 cables, powered by 250DR + Supercap, terminated by banana plugs.

I am trying to see if the speakers are the problem (please God!) or it’s something up$stream.

The only alternate speakers I have for testing purposes are my son’s JBL LSR2305 studio monitors. Trouble is, they accept only balanced input TRS. I am having trouble finding female 4mm banana-to-TRS-male adapters. Could such a thing exist?

I am uninterested in high fidelity here. I just want to see if the cymbals, drums, and sopranos reappear

Thanks so much, in advance.

  • I know jacks are female (rampant sexism; should be jills) but I am just trying to explicate the stated problem. :>)

TRS means tip ring sleeve, so 3 connections in a single socket. I suspect you’ll have to cobble together an adapter of some kind.

I paused at TRS connector, my understanding is of a three connection 1/4 jack plug, typical for headphones or guitar leads.
I then tried a search for the JBL speakers you mention but could not find them. The nearest I can find are 2300 series which all appear to be active speakers.
If this is so, it is not a good idea to connect the output of your power amp to them.
If I have got it wrong, apologies in advance.

… implies active monitors with line level input. Don’t do it!

You can buy professional interfaces that will match power amp outputs to line level inputs (often used to ‘DI’ guitar amp to mixing desk), but likely to cost far more than a pair of passive speakers from your nearest charity shop…

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