Can you connect Naim streamer to iPhone hotspot

Is it possible to use the hotspot on an iPhone as a wireless router and internet connection for Naim streamers there by negating the need for an internet provider.? I realise this isn’t optimal as it isn’t a wired connection but it perhaps could provide a more portable solution.

Best thing is to try, I would make the password quite simple on the iphone to make it easier. Obviously your connection will mean no UPNP etc but you might get radio out of it. Will no doubt make the naim app explode, but could be fun for an experiment.

I did use my iPhone as a hotspot a few months ago when my. Internet went down worked rather well.

EE my broadband provider gave me 10gb of data free to use whilst they effected a repair.

Also I was in hospital last month for a few day and used my IPhone as a hotspot for my IPad.

Using an iPhone as a hotspot for an iPad certainly works well. But a more tricky question I think is whether you could set up a WiFi connection using your iPhone, connect your Naim streamer to that and control it with the Naim app running on the iPhone. I suspect not, because the iPhone won’t be on its own network. But I could be wrong.

Similarly I think you can only use an iPhone WiFi hotspot to serve one client, eg a Naim streamer. And it doesn’t have a router built in. So you wouldn’t be able to connect eg a Naim streamer and an iPad to control it.

But presumably it would be possible to have a WAP connect to your WiFi hotspot and that WAP could have a router and it could then allow multiple clients to connect to your iPhone hotspot. So you could also use upnp then.

Or am I overthinking this?



Thanks so far I’m reluctant to just try it Incase “ the computer says no” and it messes with the already temperamental Naim app.

David, when I used my IPhone as a hotspot at home when the internet was off not being technically minded I’m not sure how it worked but I could use my ND555 as normal plus my Apple Mac etc etc.

That sounds promising I’m sure I did read somewhere ( can’t remember where though ) that it is possible.

It would be very handy for people who have holiday homes or even motor homes who want to use Streamers without having to pay monthly internet bills.

Most mobile providers will supply a secondary data SIM to run along side your mobile contract, EE charge an additional £5 per month and this eats into your mobile contract i.e. a shared plan.

4G routers are fairly cheap to purchase with built in Wi-Fi something like the Teltonika RUT240

Just a thought

Some mobile phone contracts restrict the speed you get when tethering, so even if you have a decent 4G signal on your phone, it may be slower on a tethered device. Probably still fast enough to stream music, but if it’s your only internet access, what else will you be using it for? Problems with high latency (which seem to have plagued many Tidal users in particular) are likely to be worse on a mobile service than on a fixed phone line.
Also, check that any monthly download limit is still available, as some contracts have a reduced limit for tethering.
Probably better to get a 4G home router, might have a LAN port too, but then there may not be a cost saving vs. a regular ADSL service.

I use an old phone for this. I have a 50G bundle which - thanks EU - can be used any place in Europe at no extra charge.

In my experience what matters most is the local strenght of the 4G signal. We were a few years ago on holiday / work in Sweden and the family was watching netflix while I was using VPN and listening to spotify on one connection. No issues at all. But hey, Sweden is the home of Ericsson …

Thanks guys. I have a sim only 50GB data contract with unlimited calls and texts. I’m a bit fed up with ridiculous mobile and internet bills and am not interested in every new phone my iPhone SE suits me fine.
Also I don’t want to pay for a monthly internet subscription in Spain for the month or two I’m there. I will look into the 4G router option both there and at home.

iPhone SE is a VERY good phone.

Having done a bit more digging, it seems that contrary to what I said earlier an iPhone hotspot can be connected to several clients, but there seems to be some mystery about how many exactly (apparently it depends on your iPhone model and your carrier’s policy.)

However it also seems to be the case that your iPhone cannot connect to the WiFi network you just created so you wouldn’t be able to run the Naim app on that iPhone. But you could run it on another iPhone or iPad connected to the hotspot on the first iPhone.



I’ve used my Samsung phone as a hotspot and Tidal streamed ok on my ND5XS.

Thanks again I will give it a go when I have some spare time and report back.

A friend of mine has tried this today on his newly acquired ex demo NDX but has been unsuccessful,
how did you go about achieving this ?
He’s currently waiting for a new provider for his internet connection but in the meantime was hoping to use his data on a hotspot from his phone
Any information would be greatly appreciated thanks

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