Can You Remember this Song Please?

Bit of a long shot, but it is bugging me.

About 5 to 8 years ago there was a song I really liked and I can’t remember it or the Band.
Not a lot to go on.

However I think they we a youngish Alt male rock band. The song was upbeat and catchy.

What I can remember is the Video. The band is in a small musical instrument shop, ( might have been a record shop)…

The band starts to play in the shop and the other customers start dancing to the song. The the dancing then spills out onto the pavement and there was a girl/s who knew how to move.
Can’t remember if they were Brits or American.

Ring any Bells??

Macklemore - Thrift shop ?

Thanks, but no it wasn’t that. I can see it fits the brief. It was more Rock/Pop and it was a small shop.

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Phats and Small - Turn Around?

Nope. Thanks, I quite like that. The video is similar but it is a ( rock ) band playing in the shop. Similar feel good vibe.

Can you remember any of the lyrics?

I’m afraid I can’t.

Do you win a prize if the forum doesn’t guess it in 20 attempts?:wink:


Very good!. Sadly I will only know the answer if I see it again.

Probably not it but some similarities as well:

Can you hum it to us?

hmm hmm hm hm hmmm.

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Found it!

Nope, although I do have that.

Little mix. Confetti ?

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