Can you rip DVD’s to a computer?


I have a few bootleg DVD’s from my favourite bands and was wondering how easy it is to rip them to a computer/external drive. I have no means to play them currently and suspect in the future that will not change so to have them preserved would be helpful. I suspect they are mist likely on YouTube already so if its a pigs ear to do then I may just go down this route!


I’ve ripped a lot of DVDs to a networked drive so I can play back on any of my televisions.

There is (I think) a cost of ‘visual quality’ but one I’m willing to pay for convenience.

I used a programme called ‘Handbrake’ for this.

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I used Mac the Ripper, back in the day.
( 6years ago when made the full jump to Streaming , both in video/ audio)


You can also check MakeMKV.

(It only rips, then you have the “original data” on PC. If you need a certain format for other players, Handbrake ist you friend.)


Handbreak in the past, but streaming now we have a fast connection

BTW never did anything dodgy, just ripped paid for libraries



I ripped my collection , purchased over the years , also. No dodgy. :joy::partying_face:

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Another vote for handbrake

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Thanks all! At least I now know its possible without too much hassle. Years ago I trued to do it but the copyright stuff even on bootlegs made it really hard. I am going back maybe 15 years though!

it took me weeks, to convert all my stuff.
one day at the time. do it on your spare times: while earing something, put the computer to work.

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absolutely, film library copied to HDD, all purchased

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And in the process, i would make (symbolic) gifts to my friends. One CD for A, one DVD for…
(less dust to clean)


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If you give them away you presumably destroy our copy?

I have ripped all our DVDs to ISO files and stream them from a NAS. The software has changed over the years. I currently use DVDFab Passkey to access the disks and Infra Recorder to make the ISO files.

Ripping BluRays has been more hit and miss.

I tore the information into standard copy files. like WAV / FLACs etc.
I will not lose the extracted data because I made a redundant copy:
2 HDD. 1 in use. Another in the safe.
And 1 HDD in the safe occupies much less than hundreds of CD / DVD cases.

Hi and apologies for the delay in replying.

You may be aware that if you rip a CD or DVD, then give the disk to someone, you are no longer entitled to keep the copy. Your comment abort ripping something and subsequently gifting the disk to friends caused me to wonder if you are aware of the legalities?

I expect you are and you just omitted to mention it. Wouldn’t want the forum to be mired for the promotion of copyright infringement.

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no worries: i continue to have access to the originals (as proof of possession of the originals. More so, as i dont make copies for sale, unless someone comes into my house and files a copyright lawsuit …
Its not likely i have problems.

It would be Of bad faith to someone read my posts in the forum and interpret it for the promotion of copyright infringement.

Yes, I thought that was probably the case.

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I find MakeMKV works brilliantly for DVDs and BlueRay alike. I have over 800 discs and it managed all of them with all audio tracks and subtitles in their original format.

@feeling_zen just reading your post above made me consider something else… on the bootleg DVD’s I have can I extract the audio as wav files and treat them like any other files and just load them into my server? I would only want to do this with the bootlegs I have which I assume would have limited or no protection on them. The Japanese manufacture amazing CDr and DVDr bootlegs. Its a big passion of mine. The quality of the products are amazing. I just want to enjoy them in this new streaming world also now!

Unlike a CD, a DVD has a file system.

I have no experience ripping a DVD-A for pure audio. I would assume you can extract the data without much fuss bit perfect but how easy that is in reality I don’t know. For sure, you’ll need a tool. The files won’t be simple WAV that you can drag and drop - I’m certain of that.

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