Can you stream Apple Music with ND5xs2 Streamer?

Does the ND5xs2 streamer allow you to stream Apple Music via AirPlay2 or does it only have Airplay?

Airplay 2 is what it uses to stream to Naim and all Airplay 2 capable devices. This is however locked to only streaming AAC by Apples App you can’t get lossless or Hires from Apple Music except via an iPhone/iPad connected to an external DAC or DDC.

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@CrystalGipsy i understand. We want to start with Apple Music as it is part of our Apple bundle. We may try other high res options but we are not sure when or if we might do that. Thanks for your reply.

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Apple have recently launched a lossless wireless protocol for their products initially mainly for their 3D toys to headphones but I’m sure it will move on to other consumer products later.

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