Cannot connect to Linn Radio Classical

When I select Linn Radio Classical from my preset list or from the Vtuner list my UniliLite does not produce any sound and says ‘no music’. Has something changed for this station? Or does anybody know what is the issue with this station? Btw: upgrade to firmware 4.8 did not solve this problem.

None of the Linn stations work for me. Perhaps they are having a sense of humour failure about Naim making turntables…or maybe @Stevesky can sort it?

Linn Classical is working fine here. Maybe it’s been fixed during the past two hours.

Hi @ChrisSU

There was a problem at VTuner, which is now corrected. Naturally we wouldn’t recommend listening to this station though… :slight_smile:

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Yes all the Linn stations are working at my end
UK Oxford

It is working again. Thank you for helping to fix this. And I would never ask Naim to recommend it, there are limits ofcourse :grinning:.

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