Cannot connect to my QNAP Nas

My streamer doesn’t see the Nas nor can I connect with Qfinder software on my Mac.
I rebooted the Nas by unplugging and plugging back in. Was working 2 days ago and didn’t perform any software or firmware updates.
Other equipment connected to the switch working fine.
Any thoughts?

I suggest that you turn it all off again, including your router, then restart your router and when it is back online, restart the NAS and everything else.

All other equipment waps,tvs home automation etc connected to the router and switch working well.but can try.

Everything else working doesn’t tell you anything about whether the QNAP is getting an IP address from the router. Restarting the router should give the QNAP the best chance of getting an IP address and then working properly.

Ok will try !

I tried rebooting the router and switch and then the Qnap again but no luck.
Hardware failure? I also tried shutting off the firewall. Any other thoughts or do I need a new NAS it’s only about 5 years old and only used for music storage and serving with Asset.

I’m no techy so apologies if this is a dud response but have you tried any of the apps like Fing to do a network scan and see if the NAS appears? Might tell you an ip address at least if it’s there

have you tried resetting the Nas at the back (3secs) till you hear a single beep

What model of Qnap is it?
Some Qnaps have two LAN ports if so try the second port and run QFinder?

Also try connecting a laptop direct into the LAN port okay the IP would be 169.0.0
0 but Qfinder should detect the Qnap if the Qnap hasn’t completely failed.

It’s QNAP 251+ and it does have 2 lan ports so I guess there would be no harm trying the other port.

Its worth a go but unfortunately the 251+ wasn’t Qnaps finest hour and prone to motherboard failures, good luck

Another test would be to check if asset can be detected by a smart TV. Presumably everybody has a smart TV. :innocent:

Looks like a hardware issue with the NAS. Tried all the options to no avail. Looks like a new NAS for me.
Might this be the time to try Roon and getting a Nucleus or even a dedicated music server?
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Sorry to read this, if you opt for another Qnap the disks will migrate to the new box leaving the data intact.

Yes assuming the discs are ok. I assume Asset and its settings should also come over? Thanks

If your nas is just for music delivery, then yes roon would be an answer, just bear in mind the cost annualy. However I wouldn’t bother with a nucleus its a very over priced NUC, nothing more, plus it wont store a lot.

Consider a small form factor Server, HP do some for instance, more powerful and flexible than NAS’s.

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