Cannot Delete Folder From Core

Calling @davidhendon please.

Last night I recorded a two & a quarter hour Radio 3 Vaughan Williams concert in MP2 format on my DAB radio using its internal recording facility.

This morning I copied the file to my PC & converted it to FLAC (adding an album cover for easy recognition) & copied it to my Core via USB stick, using the import music command in the Naim app.

This all went well & the FLAC file plays fine & sounds surprisingly good.

The problem I have is that the file has copied itself twice onto the SSD of my Core & I can’t find any way to deleted the either copy as, of course, I only require one.

There are no options at all in the Naim app to delete it & it only appears once in the downloads folder of the Core on my PC so I don’t want to delete it (although I suppose I could, & just start again if I wanted to).

Surprisingly to me, the file does not appear in the Cores other file on my PC which I had believed only contains my ripped CDs, but does appear twice in the ‘Newest Music’ sub folder. However, there is no option to delete it. I had always understood that files appearing in this folder could only be amended, including deletion, via the options in the Naim app. As already said, there are no options for deletion.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try David before & try deleting the folder containing the FLAC file from my ‘Downloads’ folder & starting again to see if I can install just a single copy?


If you have put something into the downloads folder, the Core will index it and it will appear in the app. If you want to alter or delete it, then you must use a PC or Mac to do that. You treat the downloads folder like any other computer hard disc or network folder and the Core automatically indexes what ever editing you do. It takes a couple of minutes to show up sometimes.

If you are seeing two copies, I’m wondering whether the Core can still see the copy on your PC. If you have the PC as a share, then that will be the reason. The Core could be seeing two copies, one on your PC and one in the Core downloads folder.

What method did you use to put a copy into the Core downloads folder? Ah I see you already answered that question. I assume you have unplugged the USB stick from your Core?

@Canaryfan I would probably have put the post into the Core beta thread rather than the streamer beta thread as it’s not a streamer bug I think?

Anyway, the next thing I would try would be to delete the imported music folder and then move the folder from my PC into the downloads folder by cut and paste, or drag and drop. You can edit stuff in the downloads folder directly. You don’t need to use the app to import music. Also it would be worth letting Naim support know how the issue as they may have some ideas.

Agreed, posted on wrong thread. Should have put a bit more thought into it before posting.

Unless I am misunderstanding you, I don’t see what your suggested next course of action will achieve, bearing in mind that I can delete the folder from the Downloads folder on the normal way which gets rid of one of the two identical folders in the All Music - Newest Music folder but leaves one which will not play & can’t be deleted from the folder using the Naim app or direct from my Windows PC.

I will give it some thought over the weekend before bothering Naim further with it.