Cannot Edit Queue on Core?

I recently upgraded from UnitiServe to Uniti Core. I’m really surprised, and frustrated, I cannot edit the Queue, as I could with UServe? Am I missing something? I know you can edit playlists, but as far as I can see, you cannot edit an active queue (i.e., change play order, delete a track). This is a big setback from my view. I can’t imagine I’m alone in wanting to delete, rearrange, and customize a queue while listening in real time…? It’s common for me and with friends to change the flow of music as we listen and wanting to add and remove tracks based on our mood while listening. I REALLY hope Naim will bring back this feature in an update.

Am I alone on this?!

On my system:
When using the Core as a server - selected as server from Naim App - I can rearrange or delete the active queue.
When using the Core to playback over SPDIF the queue is fixed

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Interesting point, hadn’t consider it could be different based on the connection. I’m using the Digital Out of the Core, however, I still would like them make the queue editable regardless. Is there any reason that could not be done I wonder?

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