Cannot level Pro-ject debut carbon evo - is it warped?

This is my first turntable so not used to setting up. The instructions are clear though. My issue is that once I level the turntable and spin the platter it’s no longer level. And when I leave the level on the platter and slowly spin it it the bubble moves.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the platter warped? Its a steel platter on this turntable so that seems unlikely.

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Is the gap between the platter and the plinth constant all the way round? If it is, the platter isn’t warped. Have you tried levelling the deck with the level on the platter? Is the top shelf of your rack absolutely level?

Does the platter have suspension? And is the spirit level dead centre on the platter, somehow bridging the centre pin? If yes and no respectively, the spirit level’s weight is altering the balance.

Bear in mind that many platters aren’t completely flat. Some follow the raised areas of an LP pressing with corresponding dips, and others are slightly dished to aid fixing with a record clamp.

Also, don’t try to take a level reading while the level is moving, and don’t use a small spirit level. Use a longish one, they are more accurate. Oh, and as for the little round spirit levels they are often near useless except when very well made and in particular situations.


That’s interesting. Not considered that because Technics suggest a 6" level placed from the centre pin out and maintaining level as you rotate the platter. So I got a shorter (and expensive and heavy) one.

But as I posted a few weeks ago about needing shims for my other deck that is mysteriously off kilter. Of course when it was dead level I was using a light-as-a-feather foot long one accross the platter hugging the pin.

Something to test tomorrow. Thanks for mentioning that.

Looking at the manual, I agree that it is clear, but equally, having told you it has level adjustable feet, the only mention of levelling that I can see is to make sure the support is level.
The design appears to be similar to a Rega, so that in theory if the support is level, the plinth is level, all is ok.
I would be tempted to say check the support is level, screw the feet fully home then check the plinth is level. As above you will need a straight rather bubble level. Remember to check both side to side and front to back. You can swop the level end to end to check your readings. If needed, you can adjust the feet to make it level.
Then switch on, when the platter rotates, does it appear level, as in does the edge of the platter appear to rise and fall in relation to the plinth? If not, play a record…

Even the little round one that came with my Aro isn’t level and has a high spot. Once marked it can still gauge across its slope so not completely useless.
My longer levels all have a slight error too so I take an average of both orientations.

Indeed common issue - and its simple solution

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