Cannot search tidal using Naim App on Android

When I go into Tidal in the Naim app, all I get is playlists. I want to find a particular piece of music I know Tidal has (searched on my desktop), but cannot figure out how to search using the Naim app. I type the track name into the search bar (called filter?), but can’t figure out how to “Enter” this. The keyboard only has a “Next” key at the bottom right, but pressing this does nothing, other than make the keyboard disappear.
Whist I am typing the first two or three letters, some results appear, but they appear random, not having anything to do with the letters typed so far. After three letters, all I get is a blank screen.

I don’t have Tidal but Qobuz, but same thing. This is how it should be: in the main Naim app screen, tap the magnifying glass

The search field should appear:

Then just type and the results should display automatically, no need for Enter. It will start searching as soon as you enter the first letters, so may initially be very broad, but just keep typing:

Or first tap the Tidal input on the main screen (in my case Qobuz at the top of the screen in the first screenshot, but your input order may differ from my screenshot) and then the magnifying glass from there

Thank you, Suedkeiz, I now understand how to search.
I do find it rather clunky and not as good as (say) Google at guessing what you meant when you don’t get it quite right. But then I am trying to search Classical music and streaming services like Tidal haven’t figured out (or don’t care) that Composer is way more important that the name of the orchestra or lead soloist.

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