Cannot Send Pictures as Attachments on iPhone

Seems this is a common problem on iPhones, but I have only just hit it.

Until quite recently, if I sent a Picture via email, then the pic was sent as an attached jpg file. This has worked for me for years. Until now…

If I do this now, all looks fine - the phone asks what size do I want to send the picture as - I select one. I send the msg. But what arrives is just an embedded thumbnail of the picture.

I have searched on line & tried a number of supposed fixes - non has worked. I just updated to iOS 16 to see if that would fix it. Nada.

This change in behavior did not correspond with an update - it just stopped working.
And won’t come back.

What I have tried:

  • Power off and restart - multiple times
  • Update to iOS 16
  • Reset Network settings
  • Change Camera setting to always send as jpg

Does anyone know anything further…?
Has anyone got a fix that actually works…?

Frustrating that such a useful feature which has worked for years, has now stopped working. There is every indication that it should still work - the response of the iPhone is unchanged. It just doesnt actually do what it always did before…??

PS. Just tried sending some Video files, via email & they work as expected. Files are sent as Attachments.

iPhone on 16 here.
I just tried and sent a picture to another iPhone on 16 and it just came up fine as an attachment.
But when I got my mail replied to the image sent back to me was a Thumbnail. :thinking:

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I am now suspecting that its not my iPhone - its my email - Outloook.

Whats happening is the files are there, but they are .eml files - not .jpg.

If I just plug my iPhone into my PC, all is fine…
So, thats what I will do, from now… :sunglasses:

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Try taking a short 1 second video on your iPhone and attaching the video to the email in addition to the pictures. When I do that the pictures arrive as attachments rather than embedded in the email.

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Videos (on their own) are still fine. I checked that.

I did see your suggestion on line. Not tried it. But thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you use WhatsApp? Photos and videos are OK (especially if :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: are involved).

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