Cannot Send Pictures as Attachments on iPhone

Seems this is a common problem on iPhones, but I have only just hit it.

Until quite recently, if I sent a Picture via email, then the pic was sent as an attached jpg file. This has worked for me for years. Until now…

If I do this now, all looks fine - the phone asks what size do I want to send the picture as - I select one. I send the msg. But what arrives is just an embedded thumbnail of the picture.

I have searched on line & tried a number of supposed fixes - non has worked. I just updated to iOS 16 to see if that would fix it. Nada.

This change in behavior did not correspond with an update - it just stopped working.
And won’t come back.

What I have tried:

  • Power off and restart - multiple times
  • Update to iOS 16
  • Reset Network settings
  • Change Camera setting to always send as jpg

Does anyone know anything further…?
Has anyone got a fix that actually works…?

Frustrating that such a useful feature which has worked for years, has now stopped working. There is every indication that it should still work - the response of the iPhone is unchanged. It just doesnt actually do what it always did before…??

PS. Just tried sending some Video files, via email & they work as expected. Files are sent as Attachments.

iPhone on 16 here.
I just tried and sent a picture to another iPhone on 16 and it just came up fine as an attachment.
But when I got my mail replied to the image sent back to me was a Thumbnail. :thinking:

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I am now suspecting that its not my iPhone - its my email - Outloook.

Whats happening is the files are there, but they are .eml files - not .jpg.

If I just plug my iPhone into my PC, all is fine…
So, thats what I will do, from now… :sunglasses:

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Try taking a short 1 second video on your iPhone and attaching the video to the email in addition to the pictures. When I do that the pictures arrive as attachments rather than embedded in the email.

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Videos (on their own) are still fine. I checked that.

I did see your suggestion on line. Not tried it. But thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you use WhatsApp? Photos and videos are OK (especially if :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: are involved).


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I have… found a fix for this…!!

When you have selected the Picture you want to send, on your iPhone, tap on Options, top left - and select All Photos Data to On. When you now send via email, the full jpg gets sent…!!! Yay!!!

But… you have to do this each time… AFAIK… :expressionless:

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Which screen are you in when you tap an options menu in the top left? I can’t find anything like that at all in IOS 16.4.1 on my iPhone 12 Pro.

This has always been a bit of a pain. However, if in Outlook, you right click on the image you can download it.

I can’t see anything remotely like that. Where are you selecting the picture? In which app?

Ah now I see what you mean. You are selecting a photo in Photos and then tapping the share button bottom left of the screen. Then you get the one photo selected and options dialogue, which is top right in my iphone incidentally.

That is not the way I add photos to an email though. In outlook I attach a file and in the Apple mail app I use “insert a photo or video”.

That is what was confusing me.

Curious, I recently received some images from an iPhone and they were all JPGs. I know that they are stored in an Apple native format on the devices and in iCloud. I’ve just tried a test and it saved (by default) as a JPG but there were other options such as PNG.

Don’t be like that! We are just trying to benefit from your helpful discovery.