Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L usm III lens

Hi, Has anyone got this lens please? If so what is your experience? I know the magazines and the forums love it but I would be interested in your personal experience as an owner?

I have the Mk II which I have had for ages. It’s okay, and very good stopped down.

Canon are offering a decent cash back deal at the moment which has tempted me.

Again, your experience please if you have this lens.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Christopher,

I took the opportunity of the cash back and strong second hand values to go from Mk2 to Mk 3. The Mk 3 is a little bit sharper, especially at the edges and is a delight to use,



Why don’t you rent the lens for a couple of days and have all your answers?

It’s a lot of money. If it’s for your business, would your clients notice the difference in quality? My accountant always used to say “do you need it?” That used to put things in perspective. If the handling of your current lens is causing you a problem, that’s one thing. If lens quality sounds attractive, but you’re not really having a problem, that’s something else.

I’ve never been one to chase the ever ending quest for updating lenses for their quality benefits. There’s only a certain amount of money I have and I see more value in other equipment or enjoying life.

Just my point of view.

Good points. Although I did go for an EOSR and lens I do prefer my old 5 Mk 3 which I gave to my daughter.
Even stranger was my recent purchase of an EOS 3 35mm camera in pristine condition. I’ve done nothing but run Ilford FP4 though it and the results are certainly nothing short of wonderful. I might even start craving that darkroom I had 40 years ago! Strange how going backwards can be so eye opening and satisfying.


Double cash back at Wex for a few days, so £500 less than normal…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all for replies. I took a fews frames on a MkIII from the shop doorway last friday, at f2.8 at both ends of the zoom range, and then at f11. And then repeated on my MkII.

The results encouraged me to borrow a MkIII yesterday. Results were good from a walk around the park.

But in the end I decided that despite the £500 off, it was still too much for me.

I much prefer the 16-35 4.0 L… it’s tack sharp corner to corner and I don’t really find that I need the 2.8 on a wide angle lens. It’s also less money :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

I like shooting what might be called ‘environmental portraits’ wide open. I’ve reasoned that maybe the edge sharpness doesn’t matter too much since it’s in the bokeh, so I will stick with the Mk II.

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