Can't access media server after latest firmware update

My Uniti Star recently had a firmware update. My media server is no longer visible in the Naim app, so no access to my music. Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?
I put a lot of effort into reconfiguring my home network to get a reliable connection to this Synology DS218+ server. Ethernet connections to both server and Uniti Star from the same network switch. Has worked reliably for a long time - but no more. I can access the server from my MacBook and can access the Uniti Star local server, all as normal. Uniti Star will no longer join the party.
Has Naim changed the required configuration?

What server are you using on the Synology and what version of DSM?

There was an update to the SMB app ok Synology recently too, is that updated?

Synology DS218+
DSM 7.0.1-42218
SMB 4.10.18-0316, think that’s the latest version.

On the basis of “what did you change last?” I had a security alert saying disable the Guest account. So I did that, wonder if that could cause the problem? Did not change any configuration settings though.

It could well be the guest account. I only use my NAS for backups from my Core and I need to switch on the Guest account to do that and then I switch it off once the backup is complete.

Thanks for your help. I’ve enabled the Guest account again, but no change. I’ll have to somehow work through all the setup procedures again but at present I can see nothing wrong. Permissions seem OK, Workgroup is unchanged. I’ll keep working through all the permutations of rebooting the router, NAS, Naim etc in every conceivable order, which is what I normally have to do until I am lucky enough to get the Uniti Star to recognise the NAS.
Meanwhile I can play music using the Synology DS Audio app on my phone and using Chromecast on the Uniti Star. Such fun.

I am running a DS718+ and not had any problems. When I installed DSM 7 . I had to tick some boxes tp enable some protocols. This was detailed in the release notes might be worth checking this area as DSM 7 had some drastic changes.

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