Can't believe its been 10 years!

Hi all - first post here
I bought my NaimUniti 10 years ago and it has served me well (apart from the failed screen) but the time has come to let it go and move on up the chain.
Initially, i planned to go for the Atom or Star as i do stream from time to time, but i now listen to vinyl most of the time and i would like to move to a Nait. i auditioned the XS3 which i loved - marked improvement on the amp in the Uniti. However i know that as soon as i change, i will want to move to the Supernait 3. Obviously this will be a step up from the XS3 but i wonder how much? Am i as well getting the SN3 off the bat?
Any input dearly welcomed

You seem to have a hankering for an SN3, i find with these things they tick away in the background and i eventually end up buying what i always really wanted in the first place, after the odd diversion along the way . Best to wait and save for what you really want…could always ask your dealer when his demo SN3 will be being sold, it might just trigger a deal. As always best to demo first, best of luck.


Why not get your dealer to audition the XS3 with a Flat Cap against the SN3?

Then if you’re happy you can get the XS3 and add the Flat Cap at a later date?

This I should warn is the Road To Perdition


I run a Nova & my LP12, with Krystal cartridge into a Rega Aria phono amp sounds superb. Better that ripped CD’s from my Core, internet radio & internet streaming. It should sound even better next week when I am having the Karousel fitted to the TT.

I have not heard the set up you are proposing or an SN3 but I would urge you too take your time & consider all alternatives & not to buy until you have had demos of them all.

I went for the Nova as it sounded good to me & provided everything in one box. Opinion on here seems to range between ‘buy Nova on Monday, upgrade it on Wednesday’ to ‘Nova has no right to sound as good as it does next to my full 500 system’.

So again, have a good listen, take your time & enjoy the process!

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Curved ball warning! If it’s vinyl you’re into, why not get a Nait 1 or Nait 2? These command a relatively high price on the used market, but then they are tremendous performers. If you still yearned for a SN3, then you could continue saving whilst enjoying the early Nait. When it comes to selling the early Nait, you’ll not make any loss and may even attract a higher price than you paid.

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Its been five years for me, SU still going strong, other Naim bits not quite so long, given the current circumstances I might hang on to it for a bit longer


You’ve already decided you want a SN3 in your subconscious. And getting the best you can afford always saves money long term. It avoids intermediate upgrade steps.


I thought the Krystal needed 560 Ohms though and from what I can see the Aria doesn’t have that option? :thinking:

If you want the SN3 then that’s the one to get, though the Nait 2 suggestion has a definite appeal. One thing though, you need a better turntable. It be looking at a Rega 6 as the minimum, possibly an 8.

most definitely am looking at the P6 (or alternatives) that was the original plan but can’t do both together. felt it better to start with the Amp

A P6 with Ania and Fono MC is about £1,700. Add a Nait 2 for £600 and you’d have a lovely system. The little Nait would drive your efficient Focals without problems. If you get a SN3 before the turntable it will become a significant weak point. If it’s either/or, a P6/XS will be better than P2/SN3.

Not sure where you got your information from but Linn’s site says ‘load resistance is 50 - 200ohms’, well within the Aria’s range.

I can’t give you my settings as my dealer set the unit prior to delivery & I did not look how he had set it.

I can advise that the sound improvement made by the Krystal/Aria combination was a major surprise for me compared to the Linn Klyde/ MC boards in my 32.5 pre-amp that was replaced by a Nova (hence the need for a phono pre-amp). Every area of the sound was noticeably better, more defined bass, breathier (?) midrange vocals, more detailed treble & greater front to back sound stage.

I suspect the majority of the improvements were due to noticeably more silent background (lower noise floor is the term I believe) compared to my previous combination.

Could be unfair on Linn, but I suspect more of the improvement in sound quality was due to the Aria than to the Krystal. I can’t prove this as I had both installed at the same time. Still, delighted with both.

The Naim phono boards for Linn cartridges have 560ohm loading from what I can gather.

I think my Krystal demo used a Rega phono stage but not sure which.

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