Can't control Mu-su QB 2 with wired internet

My mu-so cube words perfectly on wifi with the iphone app.
When I connect it to a wired network lead it continues to work fine (i.e. streaming whatever it was before, e.g. Tidal - and the controls on top work fine) but the iphone app wont connect anymore, until I unplug the wired connection.
I have tried an android app from a tablet and it also doesnt work.
Is there anyway to control it with a remote app when connected to a wired network ?
Many thanks

Do you have any WiFi extenders or similar on your network?

No. But I presume when it is plugged into the wired network it is now only communicating via the wired network and has switched off WiFi

The player and the phone running the app have to be on the same network, so if you’ve got separate networks for some reason, this might explain the issues.

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Your iPhone does not communicate directly with the QB, it goes through your router regardless of whether you are using WiFi or not on the QB.

this is interesting. I only have one sky router, and the wired and wireless go through. I dont normally have a problem, e.g. I have a wired nas, PC, powerline wired connected xbox and sky box. Then for wireless a bunch of laptops and a security camera system. All seem to play together nicely, so dont think it is a network issue.

Is there a port address that needs to be dmz/unlocked for the naim qb ?

ok, you got me thinking and i got it working
basically the naim qb has to plugged into the router directly for it to play nice with wireless devices, like my iphone, on the network. It was plugged into a hub, which it didnt seem to like. fingers crossed everything sorted now. I hope the san I need to now plug into the hub works …

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If by “hub” you mean “switch” then it should be fine but if you do mean “hub” then probably that needs reconfiguring.

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These things can work, but they can also mess up your network and make it misbehave in unpredictable ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were part of your problem.

Maybe i should have been more explicit with ‘similar’ :thinking:

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