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I have a long standing unresolved issue with my personal internet radio acount with My emails have gone unanswered. The NDX2 vTuner MAC address is recognised, but my email address for loging in has gone from the Naim Radio Guide service. I believe my problem is at the vTuner end of the chain. The recover password feature does not work, and all I want is for my account to be reset and perhaps a short virtual meeting so that I properly understand what the problem is.

It surely is possible to answer email queries and to approach a user’s problem as easy to solve.
I am hunting and pecking my way towards solving this, so maybe I am not even asking the right questions - jus tknowning that things ar enot working right now.
Hopefully someone from vTuner visits this forum, or perhaps the post can be redirected to a helpful vTuner representative.

Thanks in advance.


Plenty of complaints on this forum about the recent service from vTuner…… or rather, the lack of………

As far as I’m aware, vTuner never respond to support requests. Your best option is probably to contact Naim support, as Naim have been quite hands-on in getting stations to work well through vTuner, and they have lines of communication open, unlike their customers.

I am seeing some of them as I browse this forum. I have certainly received assistance from Naim Audio representatives but Naim Audio is not the problem.


Certainly can do this. Thank you.

I don’t think that’s fair. The OP is probably in the vast minority of people having an issue directly with vtuner. Most have bought an device from Naim, with no mention of vtuner and had probably never heard of it until the recent issues.

An vTuner outage could have been mentioned as the root cause in an RCA, but what people experienced was a Naim iRadio outage. (Note it’s called iRadio, not vTuner in the app).

Even the thread around the issues was called ‘vTuner down’.

Hi, you can follow the same solution as presented here:

Done. Naim support has my request.



They really aren’t good I made a request about 8 months ago and still not heard anything.

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Well, actually I think it is, as Naim selected a rather obscure service to base their entire internet radio functionality on.

Why not try creating a New Gmail address to use for Vtuner? Can’t hurt and it is free…

The OP would probably find that he couldn’t associate his MAC address with a new email address as his MAC address has already been used. It might work registering again with the same email and MAC address I suppose, but asking Naim support to help is probably the best chance of getting it working.

That’s a maybe, can’t hurt to try

I hope Naim Audio come up with a new internet radio provider. VTuner is a disgrace and its lack of commitment to supportin gits users directly damages Naim Audio’s reputation. Naim Support is clearly doing its best for me. But I should not have to keep badgering Naim Audio for what is negligent behaviour from

A broadcaster here recently changed its streaming urls as it upgraded its digital broadcasting services. They contacted vTuner before Christmas. Still not been fixed.

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