Can't get NDX2 to work with external DAC

Yep, get that but made the assumption it might just self select the input…

In future, as you so clearly point out, I will RTFM :grimacing:

James, home and fixed

Thank you - it seems I was missing something bloody obvious!

Now to see if this is a better alternative to an XPS DR……


An easy mistake to make. Enjoy your Mscaler/TT2 demo :+1:


I’ve had mine for a while and I had to ask chord support today a couple of questions.
FYI TT2 will go into standby after about 15 minutes. Best to just leave it on. Don’t stack them. They both run Class A and can over heat. DO NOT USE AMP MODE. It can fry the input of a preamp, normal output in Dac mode is 2.5mv or maybe 3mv there is conflicting info between quick start guide and owners manual. Don’t worry about it, it’s a British company hahaha

Lol - I get it. I’m a Brit myself and have a Lotus in the garage - the car company that typifies our idiosyncrasies!!!

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That’s a very interesting demo. Look forward to hearing your opinion on that match up.

You sure can use it in AMP mode, I did with mine. It allows you to adjust the volume output of your Amp/integrated to a usable level.
I believe I set mine to High gain, and I was at -16 on the TT2 volume.
As long as you don’t accidentally up the volume, it is fine.
Leave the TT2 remote where nobody can grab it and start hitting buttons.
I used mine with my Nagra integrated amp.

I think having the output running into a preamp and the TT2 in amp mode is a recipe for disaster. The TT2 in Dac mode has 2.5mv of output plenty to drive most anything. IMO
Of course if using the TT2 as a preamp then of course one would use Amp mode

I think you mean 2.5V.

Plenty of people on Headfi do it, it is the exact same signal path either way. In Dac mode you are stuck at 2.5 V I think James said. In Amp mode you can adjust it to suit your Pre/integrated better. The Qutest has three output settings for this same reason.
Do what you want I guess, but don’t make it seem like it will not work, or blow up your amp.
In Dac mode, I could barely turn the volume on my Nagra above Quarter volume. In amp mode I could comfortably hit half volume on the dial. It just makes low volume listening much easier to adjust the volume.

Yes James I did

Mr. Quarter I have no issue at all with 2.5v on my current amp. On my SN2 with Qutest I used 2.v because 1.v had no dynamics and 3.v sounded like too much.

In any case very very happy with my Auralic G1 Mscaler and TT2 as the front end.

That good to hear it all works for you. My only issue was your BOLD letters stating not to use it in amp mode, when you actually can if needed.

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When the Mk1 Hugo was all the rage it was standard practice to dial down the volume a bit. The consensus was that it improved sound quality as well as making a reasonable range of the volume pot usable. I did this with mine, and then with Dave, and I’m sure I’d be doing it with a TT2 as well if I owned one.

My amp uses a , switched resistor network volume control with 88 1 dB steps. I have it setup so really loud is 70 , normal is about 55
Sounds great. Best sounding volume pot is no volume pot!

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