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Saw a pair of canton ergo 602 speakers at a very good price…. Haven’t picked them up yet and really no space for a 2nd system, but thought they’d be fun to have. I don’t think they were ever very popular in the U.S. but they are well made, despite both the woofer and tweeter being metal (usually prefer soft-dome). Anyone have any experience with any of their speakers?

Hi, I’ve got the 890 Vento dc with my SU. They have one of the best synergy I have hearded with Naim products! Naim sounding prat is at his best with the 890. The bass is tight, the high sweet and the soundstage is very deep and large. They are very well made. Like all consumer products, popularity depends on distributors …

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Thnx for replying. TBH ,I don’t see them replacing my harbeth M30.1 and unfortunately my living situation will not allow for a 2nd system, so they’d go into storage for the future, but a bargain is a bargain (or is it). I was originally looking for something for my brother, but being on opposite coasts, weight makes shipping them too expensive, besides - he still likes his Optimus 7 from radio schlock, so I think they’d really fall on deaf ears. The rega 1 I sent him is enough of an upgrade. Now he’s on his own.

Well, I had some delays before I could get the speakers, and decided I’d be better off with things I can actually use. Thankfully the buyer was not upset that I backed out. I still felt guilty, but he said no problem, which made me feel much better.

I have a pair of the Canton Chrono 507 DC’s right now that I’m thinking of buying. They sound very good, driven by my NDS/SN2. The tweeter is a tad sharp, but it’s quite simple to soften it slightly with a bit of porous fabric on the inside of the cover.
Other than that tho, they produce a substantial sound stage, with good clarity and definition. And the bass is full and quite controlled.
Does anyone else have these? They are almost non-existent in Canada, so that concerns me a bit.

Hi, I have for a long time Canton speakers. I started with the floor standing CT 720 DC series then today I have the Ergo 690 DC series with great satisfaction. They are very powerful, well built and with Naim pice a lot of both in the mids range and the powerful and well controlled bass.

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I couldn’t afford a Bentley with Naim so I went for a Skoda Octavia with the Canton upgrade! Definitely an improvement over the standard system I owned before.

Canton are not well known in the UK and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of their hi-fi speakers for sale here.


They simply no presence there, which as always can have many reasons. Their website is a .de domain, and though they have an English translation the showroom booking is only in German. FWIW they are always well regarded in German hifi mags

Even here in the U.S., they don’t have much of a presence which is why they would have been fairly cheap to buy. Trying to find a U.S. website, it looks like they have pulled out of here (and not for the first time). I think I remember way back when , that they were highly regarded much like a/d/s speakers at the time. If I could have set up a 2nd system, I would definitely have tried them.

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As a result of this thread, I looked up the website (I have been aware of their home cinema sets for a long time) and thought that their higher-end models seemed good value, especially given that they are made in Germany, rather than the Far East. I have no idea how they sound but they appear to offer imposing, well-finished speakers at a given price point.

It’s weird how speakers are so locally diverse. There are lots of German brands that are very well regarded here and virtually unheard of in the UK, like Audio Physic for example, while there are not many dealers for forum favs like PMC or Kudos. Among UK speakers you are much more likely to see KEF or Monitor Audio. B&W is one of few that seems more universal.

Maybe to do with the logistics of big boxes. Or speakers evolve more towards local needs wrt living spaces and maybe taste as well. Certainly the Naim wall-standers seem to be such a result of adaptation to rooms (and in the 80ies it was not infrequent for German hifi mags to rate them poorly because somehow they had not got the news and placed them freely. Naim’s reputation in general seems to be way higher now than back then when Germans seemed to lust more after Japanese and German steely-gleaming high-tech like Accuphase or Burmester. The reviews of the post-2000 Classics were all raving though)

I think speakers (more than most hi-fi) are more regional, as you already said, size alone may limit the desire to develop for a far away market. Also speakers often make the most obvious difference upon first listen and perhaps different tastes may come into play. I think one of the reasons naim has a better reputation today, is that not only do they support their product but also that they commit to a technology, work to improve it, but don’t make changes for the sake of change.


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