Caption this

We all like to have a witty dig.
Although similar to brain teasers, but with a freedom of expression particular to the image posted. Or post an image yourself and invite others to give their best shot.

I will start the ball rolling with this.

‘A rooster in the hand is worth two on the spire’ - Naim launches new Qb range in Paris.

C-Co of the walk?

Not quite what she meant when she said she wanted a man with a big …

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Parisien man scores big on ‘Cash In the Attic’



The ‘egg-yield’ was too low - I’m taking it back for a refund!

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“Alright coq”?

I’m sure I can keep roadkill. Ou sont les frites ?

KFC’s latest lunch menu - Limited supply of Notre Dame oak flame grilled chicken.

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He’s not dead he’s restin’.

Gratuitous use of scantily glad woman to illicit sexist innuendo.

I 'm not sure you can determine her emotional state based on the picture …

Only 2 things smell of fish
and one of them is fish

Nice trousers, shame about the fish!

(Incidentally, note the colour-co-ordinated reel!)

Your stripes or mine?

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Thought bubble: Not sure what that guy’s doing with his hand in his pocket pressing on my shoulder


With his able assistant, Nigel deftly demonstrates a safety briefing on how to avoid old cracks in the street.