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Can anyone recommend a car audio outfit to upgrade my stereo in my car. It has a “Naim” stereo in it and I have just recently replaced the amp with a reconditioned Naim amp as it wasn’t working properly. One of the tweeters had gone and I got my autolec guy to bypass dash tweeter and put 2 tweeters in the pillars to save having to remove the entire the dash.
It’s now working ok, but it’s pretty disappointing. I know the design and reviews are not great.
I wondered if anyone has used a good professional outfit before.

If you can get to Bishops Stortford, try Audiofile Incar. They are very good. My Fiat 500 had £2k worth of gear fitted and it sounded amazing. They do all cars, from Ferrari to Fiat. Decent choice of kit, from sensible to silly prices.

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I found them on you tube. Look like they know what they are doing :+1: There is a guy near me, but not sure if he is up to it

Take a holiday to France and get Focal to do it at the factory.


Is that possible? That would be great

They are top tier. They make custom bits for all sorts of (expensive) cars. Have a look at their Facebook to see what they do.

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Bray brooks
Tywin, Herts

Audiofile Incar have been doing High end stuff for decades… highly recommended.

A little closer to home Source Sounds in Sheffield are also worth looking at.

Tim at Car & Home Stereo is good too but id say he doesnt have the experience of the above two.

Its a shame Phil Leach (SQ Plus Manchester) is no longer involved with car audio as he was one of the best!


Thanks, I’ll keep you posted !

Another shout for this great company replaced the obsolete sat nav (and sound interface) in my old Porsche matching the interior trim and surround to the exact colour and moulding.

Super job and a great bunch of guys. Lent me a hire for the day it was in with them.

It’s great that professionals like these are around.


Its Tim that I have been chatting to as he is the closest for me. I have sent him video of what Audiophile have done with a similar car and he agreed with their set up. I’ll go speak to him again. He seems a decent fella

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Picking car up today with new hi fi in it from Tim. Went for all digital amp (Audison Voce 5.1 HD and Bit one DSP, Hertz Mille Legend front/ tweeters and another make of rear speakers (can’t remember - but nothing too fancy) and Audison sub in boot custom fitted. Tim is very happy with it. Will post pic later


I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and the details of what has been done/how the system is set-up. Is this system in a Bentley?

Yes , put some pics up later . Sounds great, like all new speakers , needs running in

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Something like Cool DJ Herc?

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Some pics of set up. Tweeter in dash had originally gone and to replace in same position was a dashboard removal job, so they were put in the pillars. A separate amp on left runs the rear Hertz pro and the 5.1HD runs front end and sub. Going to get DAP to plug into the bit one for Hi Res files. Anyone using a DAP by optical link into DSP ?

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Hertz sub also. All neatly behind carpet (some boot space lost but not the ed of the world)

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I can recommend having a chat with Paul at Source in Sheffield if it’s convenient to you. They have a vast experience in car audio upgrades.

@MIKEVET may I ask what system and speakers came out of the Bentley ?