Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables on SN2?

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I currently have the NAC5 on my SN2, My previous cables, the Cardas are now back in a box. I was warned not to use the Cardas on the SN2. Can’t recall from where I heard this however. Anyone know if this is a valid concern? Not really sure if this is a case of the “Naim cables sounds best with Naim” or that the Cardas may affect the SN2 due to the load it presents.
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Hi, these are Litz cables, which are probably the worst type to use with a Naim amp. The issue is more important with the separate power amps, but I suspect you would still be better off avoiding it with a Supernait.

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Thanks Chris. I searched for Cardas but not Litz. So it would be a load issue. Good to know. I guess they will stay in the box…

“Litz” refers to the construction of the cable as being of a twisted braided construction with an insulator incorporated into the braid. It generally increases capacitance which Naim amps don’t deal with well.

Many exotic cables use a litz construction.

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As FZ says above, Litz is not a brand, it’s a type of woven cable construction that is known to be particularly ill-suited to Naim power amps. Your Supernait may perhaps be more tolerant of it than, say, a 250, and if you’re curious, I would imagine that giving it a quick try would be OK. I’m told that if you use them with a 250, it can overheat and become unstable, though.

The so called Litz cable designs typically give high capacitance ( C )& low inductance ( L ). This is just the opposite to what Naim amps need; most important is a high’ish L.
Its no longer in production & there is little info or spec on the Golden Reference cable. Whatever I found an old review that has some info
" Golden Reference speaker cable is 3.5AWG, due to the use of 816 individual conductors – 12 bundles of 68 conductors, 408 for each positive and negative leg. This produces a speaker cable whose capacitance is 36.9pF per foot."
36.9pF/ft = 121.06pF/m & that is high

Great information from everyone. Thank you all. Worth experimenting when there are no known issues, but possibly increasing heat or affecting tolerances is not in the cards. I’ve reached out to KS (Kubala-Sosna) to see what their cables are like. I’ve been using their powercords which I like.

If using NACA5 is not an option for you, I’d highly recommend Tellurium Q Back II which work well with the SN2.

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Can I ask why?? Like the Cardas the construction is unnecessarily complicated. I don’t see any specs & the important inductance value other than some graphics which I can’t read as the numbers are indistinct.
Why not keep it simple & try something simple

Hi Mike. No problem with the question at all!
Still using NACA5 for the speakers, although I may have to have them “fixed”, or at least experiment with the bananas. The cables, due to the stiffness are slowly pulling themselves out of the speaker. Also using the AV bypass for my HT, so I’m thinking of removing the cable for the center and replacing it with a NACA5 just to keep the speakers in the front on the same cable. My question about Cardas had more to do with the chance of reuse of these speaker cables, but also concerned as I am using a few Cardas as interconnects (from AV to SN2 and S2 to headphone amp). Generally less humming with these than the din-to-rca from naim. I’ll see if I can borrow a few cables to see if it’s the Cardas that is reducing the hum or the use of the RCA connectors instead.

OK, understood.
The best solution to stop banana’s pulling out of speakers is the Naim 90 degree angled banana plug. The 90 degree angle takes the straight line pull away. It works really well but the speakers need to have the banana terminals spaced at 19mm (thats an ISO standard of some sort).
Or if the Naim plugs don’t fit, there are various 90 degree banana’s on the www market.

I like and use WBT’s they are very low mass and are locking. The picture at the bottom is the crimp sleeve. There’s a plastic pin that needs to be removed to use on Naim amps. I use the WBT-0610cu which is a direct gold over copper the New WBT use pure metals for the base no alloys. (upload://bb6DeMRIm0HG0RCiovDBOvbBtkw.jpeg)

Busy couple of days, but thank you all for the suggestions. I had WBT on the Cardas, but with the old design. I verified how much room I had on the floorstanding speakers to see if this arrangement would work. The other plug in the images also looks good. I’ll go for a visit to the local dealership here to see what they carry. I believe my NACA5 may be under 3.5 meters, so I may need to go shopping…

If using the Cardas GR cables does not void the warranty when used with a SN2, why wouldn’t you just compare them against NACA5 and pick the best?

If the NACA5 is just under 3.5m, thats nothing compared to the inductance discrepancy with the Cardas.
Plus the SN2 is not fussy about speaker cables anyway.

For anyone who bumps into this topic In the future, there is material in the FAQ area of the forum concerning speaker cables. The article discusses capacitance, inductance, the minimum and maximum lengths and how to properly keep your cables from being interfered with by power cables.
My Litz cables are in storage.

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