Cardboard CD sleeves

Who in God’s name came up with this idea. Half the time you end up ripping them trying to get the CD out.
They are mostly made such a tight fit to the CD that gently squeezing the sides still doesn’t give enough free movement for the CD to slide.
You (or I do anyway) have to stick a finger in, if they fit, desperately trying to reach the hole (:joy:) to get enough purchase to slide the CD out. I tried a crochet hook but didn’t like that idea.
I hate ‘em.
Manufacturers … either make them slightly larger, find another alternative or if you are incapable of that, bring back the plastic.

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I squeeze the sides, then use a lens cloth to protect the disc when I remove it. After ripping it goes into the cardboard again never to be seen again, if I had to take it out every time I played it I’d struggle, as you say they are a poor solution to CD storage.

Please don’t! Jewel cases are to my mind a truly horrible design, and a dreadful misnomer.


Not to mention the odd cardboard sleeve where the glue leaks and gets all over the cd…

Yeah they can be a bit tight but I’d rather have the minor inconvenience than more plastic.:grin:

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They may be a minor inconvenience when you have adequate dexterity in your hands, when you haven’t, you get the idea of the problem. :+1:

Sorry, I can only speak for me and I do agree that they are some times a pain. :pensive:

Of course, some people package their CDs in gatefold cardboard mini-LP sleeves, complete with inner bag.

Just saying… :innocent:

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I don’t have an issue with plastic in this case. (Oh dear! :joy:) If it comes in plastic, it stays in plastic so it’s not a bring it home and bin it scenario.
I guess many store theirs differently, that’s something they have to work out for themselves.

Couldn’t agree more… I like the cardboard sleeves, they take a lot less space up, but yes you need to develop the squeezing knack for getting the CDs out.
In my book, anything that produces less plastic has got to a good thing…


Always makes me think why oh why can’t we get DVDs and Blu-Rays in the same cardboard packaging instead of that vacuumulous box.

I get it or got it when DVDs first came out and had a nice thick booklet that sat in those now redundant tabs or as it used to be said Virgin or HMV or Tower had invested in bespoke racking for DVDs so they couldn’t change the box format, but now - no wonder we are sinking in plastic.

@AndyP - the reason why DVDs are housed in the cases they are, is because the big US retailers of the time - Target, Tower, Walmart etc - didn’t want to invest in new racking, so the big studios created a form of packaging that fitted into old VHS case racks.

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Love cardboard sleeves - open once, rip onto my Core, back in the sleeve then done. Of course downloads do away with plastic and cardboard.

I, like many only take the CD out once to rip. It’s getting the little €§¥}z¥ out of the sleeve the first time without virtually destroying the sleeve I have a problem with.
Arthritis is a bummer.

I’ve never really been a fan of jewel cases, they’re so brittle and the spider clip for holding the disc in place as often as not loses some legs in the post. Cardboard sleeves are too tight and I always feel they’re scratching the disc as you prise it in and out. My favourites are the digipacks which have a plastic disc locator glued into a card cover and quite often they come with a booklet. A much nicer presentation

I prefer the card CD cases. Not only do they feel nicer in the hand, they are also kinder to the environment. We really ought to be reducing our dependence on plastic.

I have only one issue with cardboard sleeves, getting the CD out.
I see all the arguments about the environment etc and concur but if you can’t get the fffffffffkn CD out then whats the point.
If they were to make the sleeve a few mm larger allowing some room to squeeze the sides and allow the CD to slide out then that would be great but no, it seems beyond them.

Problem solved…!

Seems so. Now, why can’t they all come like that. :+1:

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Exactly :thinking: