Cardiff museum on fire

Could be a disaster culturally if it takes hold. Had intended to visit several times with the kids in the past but have not done so.

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Phew it’s been put out thankfully with hopefully little damage except to the dome.

I have been trying to work out if that was where I sat my university finals in 1985 :flushed:. Glad it has been put out. Obviously I never visited to see any exhibits :man_shrugging:


Funny how we rarely visit things practically on our doorsteps.

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It’s been a while since we visited the National Museum, the children used to love the unofficial participative art. The museum would issue coloured stickers to wear confirming payment for entry. After a visit the stickers were attached to the refuse bin containers outside the door, so there was a constantly changing rainbow of colour.

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What you said about that in your first post really struck a chord with me

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Apologies for the poor picture of a picture. I knew there was one somewhere


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