Carole King

Just come across a concert from 2017 by Carole ‘Welcome to my living room’. Voice still fantastic and looking like someone 25 years younger (she is now 79). There is a video on youtube of her doing ‘You’ve got a friend’ which has a particular resonance with me. Prior to my mothers funeral, I was pondering what music to use when this came on the radio - just perfect. Spookily on the way home from the funeral after a traumatic day, it came on the car radio - how weird is that??

Subsequently discovered it was a concert from 2005, She still looks good for 63!


Last night I finally got round to playing some of Carole King’s “Live In Hyde Park”. My collection is pretty large so I think this has been sitting on the NAS for 3 or 4 years unplayed. Silly me.

So I played “You’ve Got A Friend”.

Fantastic. Why hadn’t I played this earlier. It really brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears.

As a teenager I walked down the aisle to “Simple Things”. So this song really gets to me too.

Her songs have been a big part of my life.

Thanks for the hint to check her out on YouTube.


Live at the Troubador with James Taylor hits the spot for me. Apart from the silly audience shrieking which seems to be mandatory on virtually all live US recordings. This totally unnecessary distraction has always ruined Eagles and Joe Walsh live recordings for me.


Carole King fans should try and get the 1969 album from The City, Now that Everything’s Been Said, if only for the track Snow Queen. Looks like I was lucky to pick one up cheap!

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