Cartridge alignment tool

I do not use multiple arms and/or cartridges,so with this in mind which cartridge alignment tool would people recommned for the fitting of a new cartridge to a SME V arm?
Thank you.

Any use?

Hi Roger,

The alignment protractor that SME supply will get you in the right ballpark and is good and easy to use. If you know the stylus tip to mounting bolt distance, I’d order a custom MintLP protractor. That will get the fore/aft alignment absolutely correct but also the cartridge (or more accurately the motor) square in the head shell. You’ll need lots of light and magnification though!

I like Schon’s template because it’s the only one that takes error into account, and they all rely on sight after all.

I haven’t done any A/B though to the extent that’s possible.

I’ve used the Hifi News Test lp to great success. Has a load of sounds and frequencies that you work with to tweak things. It comes with a few alignment protractors too.


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