Cartridge choice - advice please

I have just had the Karousel upgrade to my LP12. Yes, a significant improvement but it has also exposed that my aging DV20XL is well past its best. It is 13 years old although there have been periods of very limited use over this time.
Options I’m considering

  1. Replace with a new DV20X2 - the economic choice
  2. Upgrade to DVXX2
  3. Upgrade to Linn Krystal
    I’m particularly interested in any comments on XX2 vs Krystal and also XX2 vs DV20X. I am finding as my ossicles and cochlears get older I am less enamoured of the brighter end of the cartridge spectrum. I’ve enjoyed the DV20 very much. Is the XX2 of similar character but better?
    That would suit me fine.
    My turntable is LP12, Kore, Lingo 1, Karousel, Ittok LV II with a Stageline phono stage powered by a Supercap.

I have a XX2 mk2, I’ve had it a while now but I did compare it as best as I could to the 20X. As I remember more detail and a livelier sound is what I seem to remember but not brighter, that would have put me off too. Beyond that I can’t remember sorry. I have no intentions of swapping despite hearing some much more expensive cartridges since. Can’t help with the Linn, last I heard was the Troika

A while back my dealer had a demo DV XX2 and loaned it to me for use on my LP12/Aro/Geddon. I had use of it for about two weeks. Personally, I found it nice but a bit too polite and light-weight (lacking body) for my taste. Previous cartridges had been Troika’s and Art 1.

Needing a replacement, and after talking to the guys in the shop, I was tempted to try a Linn Krystal and I’m loving it. Certainly no regrets. My only word of warning is that out of the box (and I was warned) it can sound a little hot (brash) and requires about 60hrs use to start to smooth out. It’s also very sensitive to tracking weight. 1.85 on my Aro and it absolutely sings any more/less and it sounds slightly out of focus.

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