Cartridge crimps

Hi guys,

Does anyone have a source for generic crimps used to connect tonearm cables to the cartridge?

I’ve had a little sausage-fingers related mishap while changing my TT’s cartridge

eBay seems to have plenty…

I did look but could only find ones with cables already attached. Will look harder :eyeglasses:

What search terms did you use?

They’re commonly referred to as cartridge tags, AFAIK.


Nice one! All sorted now

What do you use to actually crimp those tiny tags and wires?

Really one should use a proper crimp tool. However these type of connectors are pretty easy to do with pliers if you are careful

Hah, you should have my tonearm. It’s direct lutz wired, from cartridge connection to RCA plugs at phono-stage. There are no tags to replace. Break those hair-thin wires at the cartridge and it’s off to Clearaudio in Germany for a rewire. That’s not happened to me, but it’s happened to my dealer. I hyperventilate at the thought of swapping cartridges. It’s a great sounding setup, but Ugh. :flushed:

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Oof. Is the arm designed specifically for the cartridge?

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