Cartridge suggestions

I’ve got a Kontrapunkt H on my SME IV/Gyrodec that I’ve been happy with. Very happy. I think it’s probably got a while before it needs any inspection/repairs but…

I managed to pick up a Troika that’s allegedly ‘in good condition’ for very little (some months ago). I think the phrase is ‘beerloom’- something bought on an auction site after alcohol has been imbibed.

Would the Troika work well in an SME IV? I know I could always just try it… but I wonder if anyone’s tried it before.

Any experience? Is the Troika likely to be better than the Kontrapunkt H ? Would it work in the SME IV?

(I guess there’s every chance it’s not in ideal condition and may need to be rebuilt, but let’s assume it is good as new…)

Thanks in advance!

It’s not a combination one sees. That may provide your answer. Though I’m sure someone somewhere will have done it.

Is it not easier to go with a cartridge that is a proven performer with the SME? Sorry, because this is not what you want to read.

I think you’re giving the correct answer. Sadly!

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Does a Troika fit in an SME IV?

(I could check but don’t want to have to get the SME out of the box and ferret around for the Troika)

I wouldn’t bother…

It’s a Karma not a Troika.

Looks like it would fit physically and it doesn’t have built in flying leads.

How embarrassing…

Still a very nice cartridge

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