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Hello folks. I recently bought a vintage SONY cassette player and recorder (Dolby B, C and HX Pro). I got some really amazing blank cassettes as well (TKD, BASF, Maxell etc). I was hoping the clever people can advise me how best to connect it to my system so that I can record. Playing is not an issue but I can’t figure out the recording part. The tape deck has the usual in and out RCA connections. I use the NAIM NAC 252 as pre amp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You have a suitable cable?



As Bruss says, you need a DIN5 to 4xRCA cable.

Just connect it to the Tape in / out socket on the 252. The lower bank of buttons on the 252 selects the source you want to record from.

Enjoy your ‘new’ cassette deck :sunglasses:

PS - perhaps @Richard.Dane could move this to Hi-Fi corner. He’s also a top man for cassette deck advice too.

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James and Bruss - thank you for the info. The NAC 252 does not have a tape connection, but I guess I can use Tuner I.e? So I need the 5 pin din to 4 rca, where the rca’s goes to the tape deck and the din to the NAC. Did I get this right?

Yes any connection apart from the phono connection is suitable. My 252 does have Tape though. Just sayin’.

Take another look. You need a socket that has both input and output pins, so you can play and record so the Tape socket (circled) will do the job nicely.

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“Why?”, you may well ask

Because….just because! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks James. I understand what you are saying. But my NAC 252 has an HDD input where you are pointing. But I’ll need to get the cable you’re talking about. That’s very useful information. Thank you very much

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From your photo, it looks like AV & Aux1 are in/out?

If so then either would do just fine.

Yes Suzy. I’ll get the cable. Thanks for everyone’s help. I don’t have the right cable. I’ll get it. Much appreciated.

Using the HDD in/out is fine here. The lower button back in your NAC252 selects which source you want to send to the tape “out” for making recordings.

Yeah, but his HDD socket is occupied. The next two over are empty though.

Thanks Richard. Currently my NDX 2 is connected to this. I’ll move it to Tuner and use this hdd connection for the tape. Just need to order the cable

Your NDX is probably best on an input only rather than an In/out. Your CD input appears free and that’s ideal.

P.s. it may be a trick of the light or something to do with the photo, but one of your Airplugs looks a bit odd, like it has tape around it?

Agree Richard. Will switch it.

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Ah yes - that makes sense. Looks like you are sorted now from the advice above :+1:

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