'Casting' from PC to TV (HDMI)?

Background: We only have internet telly… no sky/tv aerial/&c.

This hasn’t been a problem since the various streaming platforms service our viewing requirements fine. However it would be real nice to sometimes watch live TV (from the terrestrial providers) but the only internet service that offers real time telly is the BBC. The other platforms, ITV/C4/C5, don’t. However, strangely, their web sites do. Yesterday I wanted to watch the excellent ‘Scrooge - A Christmas Carol’ 1951 with Alastair Sim. The TV app didn’t allow this BUT the C5 web site did. As a work around I used a HDMI cable from PC to telly… this worked BUT the cable running across the floor was a hassle and also caused a broken ornament :frowning:

Is there some gadget to wirelessly stream from PC to HDMI of the telly so content on the PC is visible on the TV? Something that plugs into the USB port or HDMI port of the PC?

Is a Google Chromecast the way to do this?

All4 , the C4 app does have live tv on it, is that available on your tv?
I run a long hdmi lead under the carpet for our mac mini but use an apple tv to run all the apps as its simpler for mrs deeg rather than having to use keyboards etc.

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I’ll check for C4 :slight_smile:

Reading 'tinternet and a twenty quid Chromecast seems to work. At least if you use Chrome browser but that would work. In fact, maybe, I can can then use my Android tablet as the source?

If you don’t have the apps on your TV, as I don’t, invest in a roku box. Has all the freeview aps plus you can have netflix prime ect. Also its a stand alone very small box so you can put the laptop away!

Thanks… got the apps but most don’t allow live telly.

Just checked on amazon the roku has moved on its now available as a stick that goes straight into the hdmi socket

Had a Roku years ago on an older telly… I don’t recall the ability to screen mirror from PC.

Ah sorry. My point is that it has the live streaming as part of the apps on it so you dont have to use your laptop

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Option 1 works reliably for me. Better than Chromecast or third party software.

I thought I’d already looked at that and it needs a feature called Miracast… the PC and the TV have to support this. I might be wrong. :wink:

My mistake, you’re correct. This will allow me to play a video file from the PC but I’m looking to ‘play’ from my browser.

I think google chromecast is the answer.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll be the one to mention this. You’ll need a TV licence if you’re going to do this. (you may already have one.)

No problem. Already have one.

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It depends on your TV or your TV amp if you use one. Look at the Amazon Firestick and the google chromecast to see whether they can fit your TV or amp. If so, the FS cna access all of the internet stuff directly - BBC, ITV, My five etc. You won’t need to use the laptop or phone except as a control remote. If Chromecast then you will be able to cast from your android device or PC to the chromecast.
I have a Denon AV amp that has both on. This allows me to connect with only a single hdmi input on an older Pioneer TV.

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Well VERY disappointed in the Chromecast device. It’s knickers :frowning:

From Windows PC using Chrome browser over a proper lan cable, streaming works for about 1 second and crashes. With the PC on a wifi connection works but is very poor quality.

Using channel5 app on android works okay. Channel 4 app says ‘The App 4 app cannot be run on secondary screens’

So a total waste of twenty quid.

Junk. Rubbish. :frowning:


I use mine to cast from Chrome on the PC in one room to a different room. No probs.

Also use the ipad to cast netflix in the same room. HD quality.

Edit- all wifi.

Fixed… for a proper LAN connection you have to change the MTU setting on your lan interface. Change to 1456 (as suggested on a couple of web sites) and it works!!

Plays live from Chrome tab.

Sorted :slight_smile:

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