Catch a Fire 50th Anniversary


I couldn’t find any pressing or mastering details but the added live material looks very interesting.

Oeh Nice! Looking forward to this.

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Here is the exact track listing of the vinyl set the alternate versions on disc 3 look very interesting.

  • 3LP + 12-inch

    • LP 1: Studio Album

      1. Concrete Jungle
      2. Slave Driver
      3. 400 Years
      4. Stop That Train
      5. Baby We’ve Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
      6. Stir It Up
      7. Kinky Reggae
      8. No More Trouble
      9. Midnight Ravers
    • LP 2: Paris Theatre London / 24th May 1973

      1. Rastaman Chant
      2. Slave Driver
      3. Stop That Train
      4. No More Trouble
      5. 400 Years
      6. Midnight Ravers
      7. Stir it Up
      8. Concrete Jungle
      9. Get Up, Stand Up
      10. Kinky Reggae
    • LP 3: Sessions

      1. Slave Driver (Jamaican Extended Version)
      2. 400 Years (Jamaican Extended Version)
      3. High Tide Or Low Tide (Jamaican Alternate Version)
      4. Stir It Up (Jamaican Alternate Version)
      5. No More Trouble (Jamaican Extended Instrumental)
      6. Stir It Up (Jamaican Extra Organ Version)
      7. No More Trouble (Jamaican Extended Version)
      8. Stop That Train (Working Mono Version)
    • 12-inch single: Edmonton Sundown May 1973

      1. Slave Driver (The Sundown Theater in Edmonton, England. May, 1973)
      2. Get Up, Stand Up (The Sundown Theater in Edmonton, England. May, 1973)
      3. Stop That Train (The Sundown Theater in Edmonton, England. May, 1973)

Finally got my hands on my vinyl copy and so far the bits I’ve listened to have been excellent. I’ve listened to LP 3: Sessions which is excellent and the BBC Recorded LP2: Paris Theatre London / 24th May 1973 which is also excellent I’m really pleasantly surprised at how very good they both sound.

The Box set itself is really nice quality especially the booklet which has some cracking photographs.


I didn’t have time to listen to Edmonton Sundown 12" or the remastered original but so far the pressings and especially the sound has been really, really good the Sessions LP sounds excellent on my set up and I’m very happy so far with the whole box set.

If you’re a Bob fan then you should treat yourself I think I paid £64 which for 3 x Lp’s a 12" and a beautiful booklet is a real bargain.

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