CCTV for home

I’m looking into buying a new CCTV system for my house. Probably 2 outside and 2 inside atm. Does anyone have experience of the best CCTV system?

Specifics are;

The movement notifications is probably the most important point for me. I need to have it pretty instant and reliable.

Could be mains or battery, as long as the battery lasts more than 6 months.

4K not necessary, just high quality images.

I don’t want cheap suggestions, thanks in advance.

I have two Hikvision IP dome cameras linked to a S-Pro recorder. Good quality images - enough to read car registration plates.

The recorder has movement detection, alarms, masking and a whole host of other stuff.

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Mr C, good question, currently looking into the Eufy range and doing some homework. There seems to be some friction over where their servers are given they are, openly BTW, a chinese company.

We’ve got a couple of eufy cameras being used for Hedgehog watch. One of them has a solar panel to keep the battery charged.

A shout out for Reolink cameras; generally well reviewed and - key for me - no subscription. I record some of my 13 cameras on a Synology NAS, with the rest on a 4 channel Reolink NVR.

Mine are mostly powered through PoE (power over ethernet), but they also do mains powered wi-fi version.

Another shout for Reolink, I have 2 mains powered wifi ones, both have 128GB mSD cards in, both record to the mSD during the night (after NAS has shutdown) then when my NAS powers up in the morning they are scheduled to start automatically send recordings to the NAS, if needed any files recorded overnight on the mSD can be downloaded, get notifications when they are activated by movement.

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We’ve been looking at this as well, we’ll be building in town and security is a concern. I’ll need cameras on the front and rear doors as well as the upstairs verandas. There’s lots of good options these days many are wireless and accessible by your phone and a lot cheaper than they were 10 or 15 years ago.

Eufy and Google Nest are worth looking at.

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Thanks for the replies. To the ones who have theirs set up, are the notifications accurate, fast and do you get false notifications from rain, etc in the night for example?

And better quality too, I opted for a wireless solution, it was easy enough to set up and the software is quite capable. Cameras and recorders don’t last forever if spending a lot be aware that it will all need replacing again at some point in the not too distant future.

Mind you digital is a huge improvement over VCR tapes and recorders which were more or less classed as consumables. Ouch!

Yes but the problem with cheap systems is they give constant false readings due to various conditions and you end up switching the notifications off (particularly at night) or something, making them a total waste of time. Who wants a photo of a burglar the next day? Yes the police are going to track someone down for nicking your garden statue aren’t they?

Best of all there’s none (or very little) of that back to base thing where your paying a 3rd party to monitor it all. I could call the cops from halfway around the world.

There are so many good inexpensive options.

CCTV inside the house. The things people do to find out who pinched the last biscuit

My wife doesn’t need to find out who nicked the last biscuit when the barrel is empty.

I tried blaming the cats, but that didn’t work.

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I have a Eufy system and it’s great. I year battery life in the camera’s, great image quality and the recordings are stored locally on the base station - subscription and cloud storage are optional. Definitely recommend.

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