Cd 3.5 / flatcap

Hi my name is Jeff can you help I have just manage to get my first naim cd player which is a 3.5 is there any benefit two add a flatcap to the cd player I am using nac 102 with nasp and a nap 180 with a pair of splendor bc3 I am hoping to get a hicap at some point cheers

My first naim in the nineties was 102/180 with a 3.5 and flat cap. Flat cap is a defo. improvement by some margin. 3.5 and fc are still in my system.

Get yourself a Hiline at some point too.:wink:

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My first Naim set up was a CD3.5 into a NAC102 with a NAP140 (plus Dynaudio Contour 1.3s).

I remember it fondly - it sounded fantastic and I really never should have got rid of it all. Mind you my hearing was much better 20 years ago…

CD3.5+Flatcap → NAC102+NAPSC…….yep that rings a bell in these quarters as well :grin: albeit with a Hicap on the 102, coz the power amp was a Meridian 103D driving Linn Kans

The 3.5+FC are currently in my wife’s craft room system, together with a NAT103, into the Meridian 101/103D driving the Kans. She tells me she likes it very much. Result!!

The 3.5 had a new laser fitted in Salisbury about four months ago, and is working well.

I had one with HiCap something like 25 years ago. It was a great uplift from previous Linn Mimik into Nait 3 and Kan. The following CD5/Nait 5 was more refined but less engaging perhaps

My first Naim was a CD3.5/FC/Nait3 I bought ~1999. It was a magical little set up that hooked me on Naim. The 102/180 didn’t improve on that enough for me so I jumped up to a CDX/72/HC/250 and later CDS2.

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Absolutely, buy with confidence and I’m sure the Flatcap can be picked up for very little these days. Once you have this connected you will never want to listen to the 3.5 without it again, given you have had the laser replaced, well worth the additional cost. Literally like upgrading your player.

I’m still running my CD3.5 I bought new, a lovely player. Definitely improved with an external PS, it’s a cheap upgrade for what you get.

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Thanks for the advice on my 3.5 player and all the help