CD 5i (italic) Slow to play disc

Hi folks, wonder if you can help?

For some reason, when I put a clean / tested CD into my CD5i (italic) it reads the TOC no problem.

I then hit the play button, and it takes around 20secs to actually begin to to play track 1.

Sometimes, if I press stop, then play again it will start a little quicker.

Just a little strange.

Has anyone else seen this? Any hints or tips?

To be fair, it is probably due a service. I’ve had for some.time now.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t know how relevant this is Malc, but is the player left on 24/7?

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You could run a diagnostic cycle. Load a known perfect disc and switch on while pressing and holding play. This will put the player into a special soak mode. This defeats the error correction and any errors will be counted and shown in the display. You would expect very few with a perfect disc and a mech in good health. So if it counts errors quickly (will count up to 10 then stop) then it likely indicates an issue with the mechanism.


Yep, no errors reported.

And no, it’s not on 24/7. Interestingly after spinning the first disc,the issue seems to go away.

It’s as if it needs to warm up!

Well, at least some news that the mech is in good health.

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