CD collection has to go

As we’ve moved to streaming/downloads, I’ve been given a final ultimatum to get rid of 3000-ish CDs. But where?

The few collector sites I’ve come across haven’t even bothered to reply and I haven’t the time (or patience) to sell via Discogs.

Has anyone found anywhere where you can shift volume?

if you are in the UK, then simplest would be music magpie, who even have a free scanner app you can download to value your collection as a trade-in to them. But what they pay wont be “top dollar”.


However, you will infringe copyright if, upon sale of a CD, you retain any personal copies of it that you have made. Therefore, if you wish to give away or sell a CD you should first delete any personal copies you have made from it.

Exceptions to copyright: - Guidance for consumers - GOV.UK


Try the auction houses. Or record collector

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If you have ripped them then you’ll need to keep the discs. One alternative is to just get rid of the jewel cases (AFAIK they can be recycled) and put the discs and booklets/inserts into thin plastic archival sleeves. That way you’ll not only still have the discs should you want them further down the line, you’ll remain on firmer ground WRT the law, and they will only take up a much smaller amount of room.


I’m keeping 350-400 that I’ve not been able to download or can’t stream and the 3000 includes my late Dad’s collection, too.

In that case by law you have to keep the CDs.

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I wonder what the investigation and prosecution rates are for people that sold / gave away their physical collection but retained it as music files :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:


I think that from a strictly legal viewpoont in Britain, I don’t know about elsewhere, if you’ve ripped disks you should keep them ( which can be attic, shed, even in stacks in the garden: IIUC you can’t legally make copies, but having the disk proves you have the right to have and play the recording, and not only is it morally the right thing to not let anyone else have the disk while you have a copy of the music, the chances of a prosecution, let alone any penalty, id likely as close to zero as it is possible to get.

That said, it would be interesting to have a view from a specialist in music cooyright law…

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There are people who buy whole collections to sell on ‘second hand’ - don’t know what you would get for them, but that would be easier than selling individually.
You might try people advertising as buyinh vinyl and they might know who to pass you on to.

I know nothing about the legality of digital files etc, only what others say here.

Ok I’ve done it - off loaded 10,000 a couple of years ago. But it is very very difficult if you want to do the whole lot in one go.

I called round a few dealers and no one was interested - I did find one dealer and two years ago the going rate was 10p a CD - now I reckon you might get about £200 for your collection if you are lucky.

Charity shops are not interested anymore. So either give them away if you can find someone that can accomodate the bulk, dig a hole in the garden and bury them or take them to the dump.

Sadly, too many people think they are sitting on a pension and maybe one or two of the CDs are worth a few quid but on the whole no one wants CDs at the moment.

Sorry but take a tip from someone who has gone through the process.


This is exactly what I have done.
My CD Collection (~750) now fits on a single shelf.


It’s more about space than anything, I don’t expect to raise more than a couple of beers worth but also really didn’t want to have to chuck them in a skip.

Ditching the jewel cases could be compromise.


My wake up call was when my son said “We don’t want to deal with all this stuff when you go”

I had racks and racks and also box upon box in the loft.

It all had to go when I moved and the garage was full of CDs. The dealer who picked them up had to work what whether the transit van could take the weight.


Yep, that sounds very much like the conversation we had. :grin:

“Fortunately”, I was a late-ish adopter of CDs so the collection isn’t as horrendous as it might have been. Having said that, I’ve pretty much exhausted whatever space I have for LPs.

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That guy got some real gems.

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Oh boy did he! - if I could have been bothered to do the discogs thing I would be sitting on the beach somewhere with my feet up.

But it was getting out of control and had to be dealt with in one fell swoop.

Getting rid of the vinyl collection wasn’t that easy either.

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I did the vinyl one and got a quid each……started the magpie valuation and lost the will to live😂



Gate I made from recycled CD cases (welk, from plastic planks made from CD cases, and not my cases!). No rot, glued together so v strong, and no painting.


Offer them up on here…with a donation to a charity of your choice ?

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