Cd display

I have just connected a cd5si to my nova and cds play fine but there is no display on the cd player to show time lapsed.I have tried the display button on the remote. Am I missing something?

No display at all, or just comes on briefly to show track number at the start then disappears?

Do you have the softkey set to CD when you toggle the DISP button on the remote control handset?

As Richard said above, press the CD button on the remote. Then press the disp button. Repeated presses of the disp button will display track number, elapsed time, or turn the display off.

Yes , I have pressed the cd button and it’s still the same, the display shows track number for a couple of seconds then goes off

OK, so that sounds like the display is working and you currently have the DISP setting set to OFF.

So even after you have pressed the CD softkey to tell the handset it’s now controlling the CD player, toggling the DISP button doesn’t work?

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