CD player for Muso QB2

I have a Muso QB2 in my home office and currently stream from internet radio and Tidal, as i have a vast collection of CDs which include a number not available on Tidal, i zm looking to purchase a CD player to play through the Muso. My original thought is to get a compact unit such as a Cyrus but wondered what others would be viable alternatives, dont want to spend any more than 1k so may have to go 2nd hand. Does anyone have a similar setup.

A £1,000 CD player just to play through a muso sounds a lot. Have you considered ripping them to a NAS? You could then play the music on all of your Naim stuff.

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Tangent cd II £159 brand new richer sounds.
Or get a semi decent Sony or marantz from eBay for less.

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A cheaper option would be to buy a CD transport with an optical output, and use the DAC in the QB.


If your office has a PC with CD- ROM, you could use that from;
A-The 3.5mm socket on the back of the PC into the 3.5mm input socket on the Muso, or;
B- Alternately, if no 3.5mm socket on the PC, you could go via USB to an external DAC, such as the Khadas Tone Board, then RCA to 3.5mm input socket on your Muso.

Personally, I use Option B to my SMSL SA300 Amplifier in my office system and it works very well.


Maybe the new PRO-JECT CD BOX E is a nice option for your QB2… i also thinking about it.

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Certainly that would be an option that I would think about, mind you it’s so new that it isn’t on the Pro- Ject website.

The basic Denon also has digital out , so at the price of a Muso probably not out of kilter .

it is now on their website:
CD Box E – Pro-Ject Audio Systems (

it has a digital out as well. Very tempting…on paper :wink:

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There is a bigger full size Muso on these pages fed by a Technics 1500, so I think that whilst the Pro- Ject might be a very good match ( especially as it’s half width) some other CD :cd: transports may give better results.

On a personal level I think Pro Ject don’t get the kudos they deserve.

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