CD player in 2021

Let us know how it sounds as Cyrus are one of the few makes persisting with the format.

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Naim N. America does not have replacement laser mechs available and cannot service CDS , CDX2, or CDX CD players. Naim only produces the entry level player and I am convinced the new Cyrus will be better. I also considered Luxman, Marantz, Rega and Hegel but decided on Cyrus. Hopefully I will not be too disappointed but am not expecting anything near CDS3 sound. Sigh.


Very frustrating for you. Hopefully a satisfactory outcome is in store.

You say you have no interest in streaming at present, however your expressed sigh suggests you are not happy with what you feel is forced upon you as a replacement CD solution. Perhaps that’s a trigger to consider streaming, which could be with separate renderer and DAC, or combined as a single unit as in a ‘streamer’, and ripping your CDs. You would then unleash the full sound potential of your CDs, which potentially could sound better but should certainly sound no less good), while also opening the door to hi res music in the future, but CDs can still be bought, and ripped (a 5 minute job assuming you have a computer) to add to the collection.

Requiring a new CD player was my trigger to do just that, with not the slightest regret.

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Just a thought–would Naim UK have such parts, and I am sure there is a fine UK dealer that would do the work quite satisfactorily.

Unfortunately no laser mechs available at Naim. Michel from Naim distributor in Canada has searched diligently without success. This is why I have purchased the new Cyrus CDi player as a replacement.

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Been thinking about Cyrus cdi due to lack of mechs be interested in your view of this player

I find it quite bothersome that the CDX2 (which i believe was manufactured until 2018) cannot be serviced anymore as some coutries have a extended 5 year warranty on Naim products. Let’s hope that Naim will figure something out in the future because it would be a shame to relegate all these fine and expensive players to museum pieces, especially since the mech itself is not an expensive spare part compared to the rest of the whole unit.

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I don’t think Naim have yet said that there is any problem servicing CDX2 at the factory in Salisbury……


There is a thread where @NeilS from Naim said that the availability of newer VAM1202 is unclear at the moment and that Naim is looking into a supplier… No further feedback so far.

Of course the thread is about the CDS3 but the mech they use for replacement is the same they use in the CDX2

Recently Naim confirmed that he has no mechs in stock. It’s not 100% sure he will have some in the future. But the reason is the COVID for a large part. Crossed fingers for all owners of Naim cd players.

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Cyrus, Roxan, Rega all offer CD players at differing price points , it’s mainly the Japanese audio manufacturers such as Denon, Luxman, Yamaha all offer a wider variety

I think I read that streaming isn’t as dominant in Japan and that may be a reflection

If CD is bad , think about tuners , as far as I can see only Rotel and Pro-Ject seemingly have models at less than a grand. Of course at the higher end, there is Magnum Dynalab

I am pleased with the sound of the Cyrus CDi XR. It has plenty of PRAT and sounds compatible with my active 52/250 system. The CDS3 far exceeds the Cyrus but should at 3 times the price. The Cyrus is comparable to the CDX I.M.O. A different presentation, Cyrus is smoother and rounded compared to edgy and energetic. I will be adding an outboard power supply when available in the US. This should improve things similar to upgrading a Naim PS.

I will keep my CDS just in case but locating new laser mechs is doubtful at this point. Miracles do happen however.

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It must be close to 10 years ago that I got a second-hand PS3 and used it to rip about 450 SACDs (with two failures). Just about the time that unit died, somebody figured out how to use an Oppo 105 (among other players) to do the same thing. I haven’t bought many SACDs recently; I’ve been purchasing Hi-Rez downloads, but I have 4 on the way now. I only hope I can recall how to do it.

Just bringing this back because of the discussion above regarding home networks. The other day internet service in my area was interrupted for about 7 hours. During that time, I was unable to access any of my music. Intuitively, what was said to me here that the internet was not necessary for the internal home network to work made sense, but nothing could be found functioning that day. Of course, I could have played CDs had I wanted to.

I experienced this both trying to run things as usual through my phone, as well as from the face of a SBT on my second system. I didn’t try to use my 272 from the control panel. (Since I was also unable to work I took the opportunity to accomplish some neglected tasks around the house.)

Why would this be the case? Could it be that my proprietary from the ISP router is designed to not function absent an internet signal? Is it because I am not set up correctly?

I know we have some very network savvy folks here, so this was a real world example of why I keep a CD player…but if there something I can do to change it I am very interested.


I’ve had concerts where the internet drop off was such that my NAT03 came back into play.

As a village , a couple of years ago half the village lost it’s internet for a week when thieves pinched the cabling , so I am not that keen to put all my eggs in one digital basket

My dealer is suggesting that I audition an Audiolab 6000 CDT as an alternative to my CDX2 into a Nova

It’s an experiment I await with interest ,

Overall I think CD is a mature market with little in the way of innovation and many CD players carrying happily on


The idea of using a router is to contain, isolate and protect your local network while negotiating the connection to the wider world safely.

Your LAN should function perfectly even if you disconnect the wire to the Internet.

It is possible to mis-configure the router and expose your LAN to mischief from outside. Your experience sounds like a symptom of this, even of no bad actors have yet exploited the weakness.

Good luck.


I don’t think there was a case of mischief - although I will be the first to admit I am far from a nonworking expert. The technician was only here to install it last month when I “upgraded” to fiber, and put in the new router.

This event was a known area outage and the LAN and internet worked as soon as I received the text form AT&T that the problem was corrected.

Dr. Google has led me to think, based on others experiencing similar issues, that there is some sort of DNS setup issue causing the problem.

Something is not right. The LAN definitely should work without internet. Normally the router provides a DNS service for the local network

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Just felt in love with an Audio Note CD4….but the price …