CD player in 2021

but Audio Note never tell you the price, it puts me off them.

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Their top is around 200 k.

Level 5 ….crazy stuff:-)

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I am a total novice on this subject but when i go into a shop and get handed a i pad thing this is the most complex and slow way of getting music ever devised and if they then invented CD as an upgrade i would buy it immediately. Just pick it up program your tracks and sit back if i am having drinks lit by a dozen candles and have company why would i want to interrupt everything messing around with a screen i can think of nothing worse!
I have no need or wish to access music i do not all ready own what is it i dont get about this must have method of accessing music and why would i use it in preference to my own CD or LPs I honestly dont get streaming if you wish to listen as people used to.


Maybe Richard, you could try and read through above thread, surely that will wet your appetite :thinking: Enjoy your cds Peter

I am afraid i dont understand your answer unless you are being tongue in cheek?
The site is awash with that much discussion about Problematics regarding streaming it
would drive me from my pleasantly insane normality back to sanity and we all know
where that leads.

I guess you could create a candle lit playlist of your own music thereby reducing the need to leave your company for the mechanistic task of changing a disc ?

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Moving about is good lets you know how much you have had to drink.
Also as the mood warms up so the music goes to suit so no a radio playlist wont do it.
I am afraid my wide ranging and more instant metaphysical requirements and the need to
vibe the environment make streaming as they used to say a Hassel.

I was tagged into the thread, I have no issues with people using any medium for music replay , vinyl, CD or streaming. You can stream from a phone, iPad etc, the amount of lit screen time required is minimal, it’s good to have choice.
Personally I prefer not to navigate a large CD collection in this scenario, especially after a few drinks but thankfully it’s a matter of individual choice.


Complete tongue in cheek on my part Richard. :+1:t3: I have no issues with whatever platform people enjoy their music on, but in my case being a simple man I just prefer the ease of using cds or in other words an easy life I suppose. I love my cd player and feel it’s not sounding too shabby, but hey I also like Jurassic Park :grin: Best Peter


I have a collection of CDs and a very much smaller collection of CDs . They are in the green box and are my favourites

So if I am relaxing with a glass of red wine, I can find my favourites without too much trouble

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If this works for you, no one can argue with you. For me, although I still like to revisit old favourites, discovering new music is an ongoing pleasure, and I would no more want to restrict myself to my existing collection than I would disconnect my TV and only watch VHS tapes.


As I said it’s good to have choice, each to their own.

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Here is mine 3 drawers full in an old antique chest of drawers next to the listening position arranged in genres/alphabetic order. It takes me max 30 seconds to find a cd of my choice, and of course gives the old legs a bit of a stretch. On the opposite side I have my wine glass table:

:yum: ATB Peter


Another dimension of the CD thing is the joy of cruising the charity shops. A few days ago I picked up 6 CDs for £3 in Tenby including Cee Lo Green, Coldplay, George Michael, and The Stereophonics - all playing perfectly.


As I have been explaining elsewhere < I have been downsizing my system - (for reasons unconnected with hifi )

Yesterday I plugged in an Audiolab 6000 CDT as a digital transport into my Nova and as an experiment against my elderly CDX2 which can only output as analogue into the Nova

It is very, very good . So a sub £400 cd transport against a CD player that I would value at £4000 to replace .

My only criticism is that the control buttons are too small and are black on black or silver on silver

Only a very fine cigarette paper between them .

Given how the big Japanese firms routinely offer digital inputs on their amplifiers , I wonder how long CD players with on-board DACs will be around ?

My long suffering dealer said they have sold several recently, all into high end systems , a CD5si with a digital output would have been a shoe in

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I don’t want to burst your bubble but I don’t think your CDX2 would fetch £4k - if it were to die you could replace it with a pre-loved example for a lot less than this from a number of sources…

The Audio Note CD4.1x was compared to the CD555 very favorably.

After the passing of the CD555, the CD4.1x perhaps remains the best CD player in the world.

I would like mine black.