CD Player specs any good?


I’m considering resurrecting my old CD player and getting back into CDs (and vinyl) once more. At the time, I always liked the sound of my player, and it was rated way back in the day. My ears aren’t what they used to be - so I figure no point in splashing out on a new CD player which is top of line etc. This got me round to wondering on the specs of my old player and how they stack up against well regarded CD players, Naim or otherwise. I intend to use my Qute2 to power it.

For fun, I won’t (initially) mention which CD player it is - just curious what folks with far greater audiophile engineering know-how than myself think of the specs…

Curious to read your thoughts, all feedback welcomed!

|Type: CD Player:

|Reading system|Non-contact optical (semiconductor laser used)|
|Error correction method|CIRC method|
|Number of channels|2-channel stereo|
|D/A conversion method|20-bit Dual Burr Brown D/A converter / 2 x PCM1700P - SM5840CP|
|Digital filter|8 x oversampling digital filter|
|Sampling frequency|44.1kHz|
|Quantization|16-bit straight line|
|Disk rotational speed: Approx. 200 ~ 500 rpm (Constant Linear Velocity)|
|Wow and flutter: Below the measurement limit|
|Frequency characteristic|5 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB|
|Signal-to-noise ratio|105 dB or more (IHF A-WTD)|
|Dynamic range|100 dB or more|
|Total harmonic distortion factor|0.0035%(1kHz)|
|Total harmonic distortion factor + noise|0.004%(1kHz)|
|Channel separation|100 dB or more|
|Output (1 kHz, 0 dB):
Line (fixed) : 2.0V/600 Ω
Line (variable) : 2.0V/600 Ω (maximum output level)
Headphone : 60 mW (40 ohm load, maximum output Level)|
Digital de-emphasis circuit
Memory Play
Delete play
Random play
Synchronized recording
Disk scan
Time data memory
Repeat play
System remote terminal|
|Power|100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz|
|Power consumption|Up to 23W|
|Weight: 8.0 kg|

All of that is what any CD player had/has… Nothing remarkable . And mostly a new mid priced CD Player will sound better. maybe

Try it and see specs mean nothing unless they sit on your nose… :wink:

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It’s pretty much impossible to tell how good or bad a CD player (or indeed any piece of hifi) will sound just from a list of specifications.

However, from the specs you list, it shows a Burr Brown 20 bit PCM1700P DAC chipset with 8 x oversampling filter. At one time that would have indicated a potentially decent player. 8 kg means it’s probably not a featherweight low end unit. The 100V power indicates a Japanese market player…

What does that tell us? Not a great deal really. Best to plug it in, hook it up and see how it plays today. Just be aware that laser mechanisms will all die sooner or later (usually sooner), so fingers crossed for you…

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Richard, I’m disappointed. I was sure your encyclopedic knowledge of all things hifi would allow you to instantly identify the mystery beastie.

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I’m sure Richard has a couple of Nakamichi CD players secreted somewhere…

Not any more. I did have one back in the day though. Not a bad player, all told, but not special compared to other players, unlike their cassette decks.

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Hi James, well done! You win the kudos for a Saturday afternoon / evening - it is indeed a Nakamichi CD Player 2. These days, nothing particularly special perhaps - although to my deaf ears it sounded decent enough. I agree, I think the dual BB DAC is half decent even by today’s standards. It was (and could still be) part of an Music Bank system I purchased back in 1992: Receiver 1, Cassette Deck 1.5, and CD Player 2; connected up to Tannoy 611’s which was a recommended speaker of choice for this set-up all those years ago. I still have all the kit and am looking to resurrect the system - with the Qute 2 acting as a pre-amp and streamer. I’m really curious as to how it will all sound together in the new attic man cave I’m preparing…

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