CD Player / Transport

Considering the purchase of a CD player or transport to go with my Atom.
Would need one with digital out (coax) as the 2 optical and single analogue in is taken, so the current offering from Naim isn’t on the list.
Would prefer new not used.
I have just been reading an article that says DVD / Bluray mechs are build to a higher spec than CD drives. If so, I may just stick with my current Sony BR player. Any comment on that statement.

I use my Oppo 105 Blu ray but obviously these are not available new any more. Pioneer do good quality blu ray decks - better build than my very good build quality Sony 4K player so I would consider a Pioneer if I didn’t have the Oppo.


Project make a CD transport.


Hello RayM you could also consider Cyrus transports, despite the old fashion display both models are very good indeed.
Small footprint and nice sound.


The Audiolab 6000CDT is well regarded.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will investigate further. :+1:

It’s not new but cdx2 all the way. If you go another brand then you will compromise the name pRat. Eg oppo is very good hifi but it doesn’t get my foot tapping like a cd5 not even close. Cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 Cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2 cdx2. guess you get what I’m sayin :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Project got a nice new one just released

FCyrus cdt should do you just fine. Cyrus have always been well regarded for their CD players and the cdt is a transport only so has a full set of digital out and you can use the DAC in your amplification or a separate DAC so it’s very adaptable
I have one as part of my current set up and would certainly recommend that you consider one.
Personally I’d stick with a dedicated CD player rather than a blue ray but that’s just my preference .

I think Pioneer are looking to replace Oppo in the market , two seriously impressive Blu Ray and a cracking CD/SACD player

What about a Rega Apollo, both favours of digital outputs as well as an analogue output.

Won’t break the bank and will be a good match for a half size Atom

Hi Ian,
What is the model number of the Pioneer CD/SACD player? I have an old Arcam I might like to update.

I looked at the Rega. While it looks good on paper and gets good reviews, the top loading system would prove a problem.

Is anyone able to comment on the last paragraph on my original post?

This is it about £2.2 k , so a serious player.

I must admit I really would like to see a Naim Disc transport or at the very least put a brace of digital output on their basic CD player


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