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I wonder if there is any consensus on which maybe the best Naim second hand CD player. It’s for occasional use alongside a 272 and 300dr. I would like to spend at the very most £1500.

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Probably a CDX2, though I don’t know the equivalent UK pricing.

It might push the budget a little but what about an CD5 XS and an Ndac, the combination is preferred to a standalone CDX2 in some quarters

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If you have a 272, why get a CD player? If you don’t have a 555PSDR, put the funds towards that.

Hi personally I wouldn’t bother I’ve had 2 brand new Cyrus cd8se that didn’t read toc so traded for cdx2 then CDS3 good player however it went in for replacement mech from Vam 1250 to Vam 1202 plus various capacitors about 4 weeks ago. The mech failed after 2 weeks just got err on display so back to dealer to return not happy. Seems the vam1202 is a weak mech compared to the original 1250. So selling up upon its return and going Rega Planar. Also how many replacement mechs are left? Another reason for selling, suppose this replacement mech lasts 5 years and Naim have none left where does that leave me? bin perhaps Hindsight is a wonderful thing wish I’d stayed with vinyl instead of being sucked in with as tommows world spouted mid 80s Perfect sound forever

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If you like the sound of your 272, why not use it with a CD transport? I am getting excellent sound from the moderately priced, compact Olasonic NANO-CD1 playing through nDAC. Sounds better than the digital out on most CD players, in my opinion.

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There’s not much wrong with the cd5si. The weakest link is usually the silver discs themselves.imho

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CD5 XS followed by nDAC. A no brainer combo.

Here’s a curve ball - see if you can find and listen to a Heed Obelisk DT transport. I’ve a friend using one with great results. As AHT says, why duplicate the DAC?

Sorry to hear about your trials, omegaman. My 2003-vintage CDX2 still has its original mech and is still going strong (touch every piece of wood in sight) but I do occasionally contemplate the possibility of a new mechanism. Following your post, I shall stop these thoughts and make the most of what I’ve got.

Hope you get your silver discs playing properly soon.


Whilst the DAC in the 272 may not be up to the standard of the nDAC it’s no slouch particularly with a PS on the 272. If it’s only for occasional use you could do worse than use a pre-loved CD5XS as transport. That’s what I did for some time and the SQ was not massively behind ripping and streaming the CD.


Another vote for a CD5si here. Ok, do it does not have digital out or another power supply in. But at least you are not tempted to spend more ££££. And you get a five ? Year guarantee.

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Thank you so much for all your suggestions…

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