Cd players

A few months ago, there was a rather long thread about alternative CD players that were up to Naim higher standards. Did anyone read before posting similar information?

Slightly invested in this topic. Current CD5 was bought used many years ago from a recognised dealer (Tom Tom if I’m allowed to name them) One of my ideas was to replace it with a model higher up the Naim food chain when I retired. By the time retirement was imminent(3 years or so ago) the whole Naim Cd player not being repairable issues had raised their heads. I sort of craved a CDS11 or at least a CDX2 but can’t risk or afford to absorb a duffer into costs. Not sure what to do, I don’t currently need to do anything it all sounds great to me, just thinking ahead.

They still do. I have a baby Luxman shoebox system and I wish I could say any of my many Naim boxes had the same finish quality but not even close.

Something to bear in mind is Luxman consider all their CD players to be DACs with a transport. That means they all have digital inputs and support the full range of digital packaging, not just 16/44.1. I actually use my Luxman CD player as the DAC end of a streaming transport. It really helps the longevity of the product.

One thing I would be careful of is matching a Luxman source with a Naim amp. Very different styles. Try it by all means.


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