Cd players

Which is best the luxman d-07X or marantz sa-10 anyone ever audition both players.

Perhaps someone might have auditioned both side by side, but are there any dealers that stock both? Of course eventually you’ll have to decide, but I’m interested in the outcome for when/if my CDS3 dies.

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I doubt there’s no ‘best’ just different.

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U could include an Esoteric too… all are from Japan

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They are all good cd players … I had demoed Marantz and esoteric but have not demo Luxman

I can’t answer your question but if you wanted to stick with Naim after your beloved CDS3 you could look for a CD5XS, add a nDAC, and then maxx it out with a 555ps. I’m not saying it would be the same but it would be good.

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Yeah could be a very good option.


How about Accuphase ?

I second the Esoteric especially with their new discrete no chip DAC.


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I do have a 555ps dr on my cds3 but to be honest i think it’s a tad too powerful the cd555 or nds would be better…but i am selling them on because i want less boxes now .

And the Accuphase DP570

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3 boxes :roll_eyes:

@Hawkmoon I have heard both, although not side by side.

First thing to remember is that the Luxman is about £4,000 more expensive than the Marantz. Thus it looks and feels more luxurious and it’s a bit better built.

I liked both and from what I can remember, the SA-10 sounded a bit chunkier and slightly more forward while the Luxman was smoother, more “3D” and detailed.

At this price point I would get the SA-10 but if money were no object I would go for the top end Luxman, the D-10X, which is just sensational. A couple of members here have D-10Xs.


Luxman used to have a stellar reputation for quality.

When I was looking for a second TT, I might have chosen their PD131 (without tonearm) if it had been possible to buy an ARO fitting. I found a Linn fitting, but not one for the ARO.

No need for the passive aggression. The guy did not stipulate that he wanted less boxes in the original post. I tried to help.

They still do. They make some of the best-sounding, best-built and best-looking kit out there…

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Yes the dx10 is good and I was going for that awhile ago but something else came up so i couldn’t get it not sure if i could get the dx10 now so either the sa10 or dx07. Thanks for your reply.

My system is similar to yours. When my CDS 3 was deemed to no longer be repairable, I went on the hunt for a new player. I settled on the Pro-Ject Box RS2 CD transport and accompanying power supply. I’m very happy with it. I think it’s every bit as good as the CDS 3, but a different presentation. And like the CDS 3, it doesn’t suffer poor recordings well. In other words, it won’t put lipstick on a pig.

Sorry my sense of humor did nt work this time but really no aggresson ment.